`` Nissin Don Donbei '' I tried eating `` Miso Kimchichige Udon '' and `` Pork Dashi soba with delicious onion oil flavor '' that can be added and arranged with the new recipe of Yoshiho Riho's new work

Nissin Don Donbei Miso Kimchi Chige Udon ”, “ Nissin Don Donbeiis a pork that has a delicious flavor of green onion oil. ' Soba ' was released on Monday, November 18, 2019. I actually tried to eat a product that can change the taste by arranging a little bit.

'Nissin Don Donbei Miso Kimchi Chige Udon' 'Nissin Don Donbei Pork Dashi Soba with Leek Oil Delicious' (Released on November 18) | Nissin Foods Group

I bought 'Dushi soba with good onion oil flavor' and 'Miso Kimchichige Udon'.

The red package is “Miso Kimchi Chige Udon”. The recommended arrangement is “Natto”.

The green package is “Pork soba noodles with a delicious onion oil flavor”. The pose of the Dongitsune is a little different. Recommended here for a little extra arrangement.

The raw material of “Miso Kimchi Chige Udon” is like this.

The calorie per serving is 314kcal for noodles and kayaku and 45kcal for soup, for a total of 359kcal.

Pork fat and fish meal are used in the soup of Pork soba noodles with a delicious onion oil flavor.

The calorie per serving is 334kcal for noodles and oysters, 87kcal for soup, totaling 421kcal.

First of all, let's eat from Nissin's Donbei Miso Kimchichi Udon.

When I opened the package, it contained powder soup and kaku.

It is like this when you add powdered soup and sparkling.

Pour hot water into the inner line.

The waiting time is 5 minutes.

I will eat it as soon as it is finished. Noodles are made with flat noodles like the regular Donbei and have a soft texture. The soup has a good spicy and sour taste of kimchi chige, and the richness of miso is well combined there. Good compatibility between flat noodles and soup.

Try putting in natto, which is officially recommended as an arrangement.

When natto was added, the natto thickening made it easier to feel the taste of a slightly sweet miso by suppressing the spicy and sour taste of kimchi chige, and it became a gentle taste as a whole.

This time, we will make “Nissin Donbei Pork Dashi Soba with Leek Oil Delicious”.

This was a liquid soup and a quick soup.

Put the sparkle.

Pour hot water and place the liquid soup on the lid and wait 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, add liquid soup and mix.

Thick soba is used here and you can enjoy a light soothing feeling. The soup is made from a mixture of chin and mackerel, with the addition of pork fat, and the sweetness of the pork smells in your mouth.

Try putting the recommended arrangement of red ginger.

By adding the sour taste of red ginger, it has a refreshing taste while retaining the flavor of pork fat and leek oil.

Both Nissin Don Don Miso Kimchichige Udon and Nissin Don Don Bee Noodle soup with delicious yaki-flavored soup has a suggested retail price of 193 yen per tax and will be released nationwide from Monday, November 18, 2019 It has been.

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