Truck driver filed lawsuit against 'new law to regulate businesses undertaking work on the Internet'



On September 10, 2019, a new bill was passed in the California Legislature of the United States that treats people who contract with Uber and Lyft and other vehicle dispatch services as `` employees '' instead of `` contractors '' It was. Following this bill, the California Trucking Association accused California of 'stolen even the job of a private employer's truck driver'.

Truckers sue California, say new gig economy law would kill 70,000 jobs | Fox Business

The bill in question “ California Legislative Bill No. 5 (commonly known as AB5) ” regulates the “ Gig Economy ” of accepting single jobs through the Internet. A gig economy is a job such as Uber or Lyft that “orders and orders for business are established through the platform”. Previously, contractors were treated as contractors for this type of business, but in California after the implementation of AB5, platform companies managed and controlled the contractor according to work performance, and the business content was corporate. Is defined as “employee” when it falls into the normal business category of.

The details of AB5 are reported in the following article.

A bill to regulate `` business that undertakes work on the Internet '' such as Uber is passed-GIGAZINE



Gig economy workers could not enjoy the minimum wage, paid leave, social security, medical insurance, and other benefits that are covered by law for employees. After the implementation of AB5, gig economy workers are also defined as employees and will benefit from these benefits. On the other hand, gig economy companies such as Uber are rebelling because the bill is costly.

The California Trucking Association insisted that it had suffered a disadvantage against AB5 and executed the lawsuit. The California Trucking Association argues that 'truck drivers who were active as sole proprietors would be treated as employees and suffered disadvantages,' 'AB5 violates federal law.' Sued California. According to the claim, more than 70,000 truck drivers must make modifications to reduce truck displacement in order to comply with the company's order contracted, and `` work on your own schedule '' You have to give up the free way of working.

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Sean Yadon, Chairman of the California Trucking Association, said, “Most of the truck drivers who work personally used to belong to the company before. They work independently and independently from the company. 'The new law is depriving them of the freedom of choice.'

According to a study by the Berkeley Labor Center at the University of California, AB5 applies to about two-thirds of private business owners such as truck drivers, taxi drivers, janitors, and maids.

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