Fort Knight is a game that has been good for games over the past 10 years and is expressed by overseas game media as “the most influential game”

About the success of Epic Games' online battle royal action game “

Fort Knight ”, “Because it successfully incorporates the game system that was successful in the 2010s,” explains the game media Polygon.

Why Fortnite is the most important game of the decade-Polygon

Fortnite was announced to be in development in 2011, but it was delivered in 2017. The release initially, ' the Rescue World (Save the World)' cooperation mode only not been implemented that stop the hordes of monsters by using a building system that, attention was not gathered.

Meanwhile, “ PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) ” appeared in March 2017. PUBG is a battle royal style game where 100 people gathered on one island will fight until they become the last one. Epic Games, who noticed its great success, implemented the same battle royal mode as PUBG in Fort Knight in September 2017. This battle royal mode is a huge hit, and Fort Knight will grow rapidly with more than 3.4 million players in just a few months after the implementation of battle royal mode .

According to Polygon, the good nights at Fort Knight do not stop at PUBG. Fortnite's architectural elements are derived from Minecraft, and players fighting with architectural elements are close to fighting with skills in League of Legends . It also states that it is close to the Dark Souls series to avoid timing while being targeted by enemy players.

As for the business model, Fort Knight is learning from his own failure and the success of other games. In recent years, many games have implemented a root box (gacha) and prompted users to charge. Fort Knight also implemented a root box before the Battle Royal mode was implemented, but will shift to a strategy of “selling a buy-out type skin for a certain period”. Polygon pointed out that

Fortnite ’s sales strategy is “the sale of products for a certain period of time is exactly the same as the Disney Vault ” sales strategy that Disney's home video distribution division used to be, ” It is very clear and good for users to not rely on random elements like gacha. ”

Fort Knight also introduced a system called “Battle Pass”, which was a huge success in the popular RTS game Dota 2 . If you have a Battle Pass, you can earn experience points each time you play a match or complete a challenge such as “Damage with Sniper Rifle” or “Defeat an enemy with a trap”. When this experience value is accumulated, you can receive new skin items such as costumes. The battle pass expires every two and a half months, so you can continue to generate revenue without relying on the root box.

As you can see, Polygon claims that Fortnite continues to absorb the best of successful games. Such Fort Knight holds official tournaments totaling over 10 billion yen , greatly updates Twitch's simultaneous viewing record, has been brought up to class action as `` too addictive '', and the game framework It has become more influential. According to Polygon, “Fort Knight is not the most influential game in the last 10 years in terms of“ beginning something new ”and“ quality at launch ”. “It ’s the most influential game in the last 10 years,” in the sense that it has successfully captured the success of the game.

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