Microsoft Edge ARM architecture compatible version appeared, first available on Canary Channel


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ARM architecture designed and licensed by semiconductor giant ARM is the architecture of the ARM processor core, which is often installed in mobile devices. Microsoft is moving to make Microsoft Edge of its browser compatible with ARM architecture, and announced that it has released Edge corresponding to ARM architecture in 64-bit mode for `` Canary Channel '' corresponding to Windows 10 preview version .

Microsoft improves the Surface Pro X with new Edge Chromium ARM beta-The Verge

Microsoft Edge built for ARM PCs now available in Canary channel | Windows Central

The ARM architecture has the characteristics of reducing the power consumption of devices, and has a history of being mainly used in mobile devices. However, in recent years, the notebook PC `` Surface Pro X '' released by Microsoft in November 2019 will be equipped with an ARM processor, and in the future, there is a possibility that adoption of ARM architecture may progress even in laptop PCs etc. .

On the other hand, since Edge did not support ARM architecture, PCs using ARM architecture such as Surface Pro X could not use Edge without going through emulation mode. The Verge points out that this has a significant impact on battery life and performance of ARM-powered devices.

Microsoft took a long time to test Edge for 64-bit ARM architecture and finally released it on “Canary Channel” on November 13, 2019. Over the next few weeks or months, ARM architecture-compatible Edge is expected to be available on the more stable versions of “Dev Channel” and “Beta Channel” than “Canary Channel”.

With this release, Surface Pro X users will be able to use Edge, which is ideal for ARM architectures. According to The Verge, which is testing Edge for ARM architecture on Surface Pro X, elements such as tab switching, content rendering, scrolling speed have been greatly improved, and battery life is much better.

Microsoft is developing Edge as a Chromium- based web browser and has announced the official release on January 15, 2020 . Although it is said that there will be no official release of the Edge for ARM architecture at this timing, it seems that it will not be so far after reaching the public testing stage for users.

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