Disney + exceeds 10 million registered users on the first day of service

In Disney's original streaming service “ Disney + ”, which started on November 12, 2019, the number of registered users has already exceeded 10 million on the first day.

Disney + Sees Extraordinary Consumer Demand with More Than 10 Million Sign-Ups-The Walt Disney Company

Disney + surpasses 10 million subscribers on first day-The Verge

It is a mobile app-related investigation company Apptopia is, the 'Disney + app has been downloaded more than 3.2 million times' reported after, Disney has announced the number of users who have registered to Disney + to service the first day. According to Disney, Disney + has been shown to have more than 10 million registered as paid members, despite the failure on the first day of service. According to The Verge, an overseas media, the number of times the video was streamed on Disney's first day is about 2 million times.

In addition, according to Apptopia, Disney + continued to reign as the number of installations on the App Store throughout the day on the first day. In addition, the fact that Disney + can be linked with other streaming services such as ESPN + and Hulu has also been shown to have affected the increase in both subscribers. According to one source, the number of registered subscribers of services such as Hulu and ESPN + was “notably increased” at the same time as the Disney + service started.

Disney announces a service that allows you to watch 3 streaming services at a monthly fee of 1400 yen-GIGAZINE

As for Disney +, the analyst has announced that “Disney + will acquire 10 million to 18 million registrants in the first year of service launch”, and other research companies have announced that “Before the service started in the United States, “The number of Disney + users has already exceeded 1 million” was also released.

It is clear that Disney's streaming service `` Disney + '' has exceeded 1 million registrants before the service started-GIGAZINE

by Rod Long

Apptopia said in the report, “Comparing Netflix first day downloads with Disney + downloads is difficult. (When the Netflix app was released) Streaming is not like today. Mobile itself wasn't like it is now. (Current situation) The popularity of mobile devices and user preferences are favoring Disney. ”

In addition, Disney said that “There is no plan to disclose Disney + subscriber information in the quarterly performance announcement of Walt Disney Company”, and the number of Disney + subscriber information will be revealed next in early 2020 It is.

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