A super play movie that delivers luggage to the enemy's face with `` Death Stranding '' and cleans up brilliantly appears

In ``

Death Stranding '' released in November 2019, while screaming loudly, playing a harmonica by striking the enemy team and playing a harmonica, throwing luggage on the enemy's face and annihilating the enemy stylishly A super play movie that lets you do it is posted on YouTube.


The stage of the super play is the mission of Episode 03: Fragile Request No.38 “Delivery Support Materials to South Knot City to K6”.

Outside the city, I found a truck with an enemy 'Mule' like a bandit. I am crouching and ask about the situation.

In anticipation of the start of the truck, he pursued with full speed.

While following the track, I found a patrol mule and switched the target. Sneaking up by crouching and moving ...

To stand in the back. Even so close, Mule is unaware of the main character, Sam.

As the mule looks around, it moves to the right and left, keeping it unnoticeable.

When you touch the mule lightly, you lose your position ...

It reacts with 'Something is around!', But I can't find Sam right behind me.

Stun this mule with a rope.

The next target is three mules running away from each other.

Approach the rearmost mule and defeat it with a kick from a full punch.

The first two people do not notice that the back mule has been defeated, so they follow up.

Two mules discover a lost item. In anticipation of the two people setting in the same position ...

Two people were stunned by throwing a 'construction equipment Lv1' that weighs 5kg.

The next target is also three mules. This group is walking in a line.

Crouch and turn behind ...

Equipped with an electromagnetic stamp.

Keep your breath and approach as you do not notice the mules.

The moment you come right behind, you will dare to make a loud noise.

Then all the mules turn to “the point where Sam started dashing”, but Sam who runs sideways is through.

Mule doesn't notice Sam right next to her, so she drops an electromagnetic stun bomb.

Three people are cleaned up together with electromagnetic pulses. A series of movements that are so smooth that you will miss what is happening if you do not look carefully.

Sam headed to the track where the mules were riding while cleaning up the mules along the way.

I will ride around the truck without the owner without permission.

Charge on the base of the mule while riding the track. I will never forget to appeal to myself by screaming 'I am here!'

Get off brilliantly while thrusting into the tent by truck.

As we approached while making a loud appeal, mules appeared one after another, and they were in the state of “Daiming! Sam doesn't panic, he delivers the luggage to the face of the mules and stuns them.

After annihilating the mules, take a break beside the fainted mules. Blow the harmonica and crush Bridge Baby (BB).

After a break, return to your original job as a porter. Collect the luggage that Mule had stolen ...

Delivered to the owner.

The super play movie was released by Mr. BIG SARU who has posted a number of super plays in the Metal Gear Solid series. Mr. BIG SARU is known as a “ ceremonial person ” in Nico Nico Douga because of his distinctive play style of spinning at high speed and dancing while crouching on the spot.



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