`` Event participants loosely extracted guy '' review that can extract people participating in circles from Twitter on spot sale with a single click

A web application that automatically extracts people participating in coterie magazine sale events such as Comic Market and Committee from people who follow on Twitter, and summarizes it easily according to the schedule `` Event participants loosely extracted guy '' Is released by developer

fino . It can be accessed from a PC / smartphone web browser, and is a useful web application for collecting event participation information based on Twitter.

The event participants will be extracted loosely

This time, I tried accessing 'event participants loosely extracted' from Chrome for iOS. Tap “Twitter Sign-in” at the top.

When you sign in with Twitter logged in, it looks like this. Tap “Get Data”.

Then, circle spaces, user names, icons, and self-introduction sentences of those who follow the event will be gathered at the bottom of the site. Apparently, it appears that the Twitter user name includes a participation date and a circle space. According to the Twitter specification, “event participants loosely extracted guys” can only read up to 3000 follow-up information per 15 minutes, but you can save more than 3000 cases by saving the information or waiting for 15 minutes.

Tap the “…” icon in the lower right to copy spaces and user names. You can also access the circle homepage and Pixiv site listed in the self-introduction.

Tap “Switch simple display” ……

The self-introduction sentence is omitted, and the circle space, icon, and user name are arranged vertically and the visibility is greatly improved.

The “Not likely to participate list” is a list of people who are not following the list.

The names of the people you follow are lined up in a row, but a looser judgment is made, and the person who says “Maybe you may have participated from the list up” will be displayed in red letters.

It seems that the created list can be exported in ZIP format by tapping 'View / File' at the bottom and tapping 'Save Completed File'. On iOS, you can save and load using iCloudDrive or Google Drive. In the PC version, the ZIP file could be saved directly to the local storage and read.

Twitter is an indispensable SNS for learning about event participation information of artists, but since there is a lot of information, it would take a considerable amount of work to list only event-related information by itself. However, the event participants can be very grateful because the event participation information of the artist can be extracted clearly by using the “Jack that extracts event participants loosely”. However, there are cases where the name is not listed unless the name contains a circle space, and cases where the name contains a 'circle-space-like character string' will be extracted as an 'unregistered event'. It can be said that it is necessary to divide it as “loosely extracted”.

The event names that can be extracted by the “event participants loosely extracted guy” at the time of writing the article are Comic Market, Committee, Sunshine Incrementation, COMIC1, Komik Treasure, Hakurei Shrine Annual Festival, Toho Red Tower Dream, Artillery Lightning A battle, the entertainer is the card! This is pixivMARKET.

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