Many indications that Apple's own Creca `` Apple Card '' is doing sex discrimination

It has been reported that when a new member joins Apple Card, which is Apple's own credit card, there is a problem that “ women will be given an unreasonably low limit ”.

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Apple's credit card is being studied for discriminating against women-The Verge

Goldman wants to fix the Apple Card flaw that has users claiming bias

The problem started with David Heinemeier Hansson, a prominent programmer who developed the open source web application framework ' Ruby on Rails '. Report that the amount has been set.

According to Hansson's explanation, his wife has a higher credit score , which is an index related to “credit strength in payments” that determines credit card limits and mortgages. In other words, Hansson points out that discrimination against women is given priority over credit score when determining the Apple Card limit.

In response to this report, Steve Wozniak , one of Apple ’s co-founders, said, “My wife and I share a credit card and share our assets. Then, I reported that a similar problem occurred as 'I set a limit of use 10 times my wife.'

A series of problems has also been pointed out that there may be some element in the algorithm used to determine credit card spending limits that would encourage discrimination against women.

On the other hand, Goldman Sachs, who is offering Apple Card in collaboration with Apple, said about the algorithm: “There is no gender entry field in the Apple Card application. There could be discrimination based on gender. I did n’t. ”

“New York State law prohibits discrimination based on characteristics such as age, creed, race, color, gender, sexual orientation , nationality, etc.,” said New York State Director General of Financial Supervision Linda A. Lacewell. He promised to investigate whether the algorithm used in the Apple Card was actually discriminatory. Secretary Lacewell commented, 'If illegal discrimination is encouraged, take appropriate action.'

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