Google releases notes for smooth communication in code review

As a tool to maintain the quality of the software, “Code Review”, in which code changes are checked once by other people, has been highly evaluated. Is published on Google's blog.

Google Testing Blog: Code Health: Respectful Reviews == Useful Reviews

◆ What to observe both when reviewing and when reviewing
・ Respect the other person's ability
Different people have different areas of expertise and background knowledge. Based on the premise that the other party should have high ability, it is important to deepen understanding through questions.

・ Present evidence
By presenting the best practices and style guides that provide the basis for implementation, it will be easier to gain an understanding of the implementation.

-Note how comments are interpreted
Exaggerated expressions, jokes, pictograms, and other interpretation methods vary from person to person.

・ Do not criticize the opponent
Just using a word that associates a person with a code, such as “Your code is ...” can leave you away from the goal of improving the quality of your code.

・ Do not use strict language

(PDF file) According to research , 79% of neutral comments seem to be useful, whereas 57% of comments that use harsh language seem to be useful.

◆ Things to be aware of when reviewing
Provide specific and actionable feedback
If you cannot make a specific comment, you may be able to solve it by asking what kind of thought you made to implement it.

・ Specify minor corrections and options
If you make corrections that prick the corners of a heavy box or an optional comment that says 'There is such a method', the intention will be communicated more accurately to the other party.

◆ Things to watch out for when reviewing
・ Reply to reviewer comments or modify code
Either correct the pointed out or explain why it was implemented.

If you do not agree with the modification, explain the benefits of your implementation
According to Google's Code Review Guide , if it ’s difficult to agree with the reviewer after explaining why it ’s better to implement it, make a voice call or a face-to-face meeting. It is said that you will go or have your superior decide.

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