`` Single Day '' sale that records sales of 1.4 trillion yen in just one hour starts



In China, November 11th is called “ Gwangju (Single Day) ” and it is customary for singles to gather and hold parties and give gifts. And the Alibaba group, a Chinese company, holds a single day sale (Seven 11: Double Eleven) every November 11th, with sales of about 1.4 trillion yen in an hour after the start of 2019. It is reported that it was recorded.

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Alibaba Singles' Day sales hit $ 13 billion in first hour

Like the American Black Friday and Cyber Monday , the Alibaba Group is known for its biggest sale on November 11th. Double Eleven, devised by Chairman Jack Ma , the founder of Alibaba Group, recorded sales of 30 billion dollars in 2018 (about 3.3 trillion yen), sales of Cyber Monday in 2018 held in the United States Overwhelmed $ 7.9 billion (approximately 870 billion yen).

Alibaba updates the sales record of `` Single Day '', things sell for 40 million yen per second-GIGAZINE

CNBC, the economic media, reported that sales reached 91.2 billion yuan (about 1.4 trillion yen) within an hour of the sale. This is an increase of 32% from the sales record of 69 billion yuan (approx. 1,700.0 billion yen) that was shown in the first hour in 2018.

According to China Tips by myokoi, who analyzes the political economy of China, the transaction amount of Double Eleven in 2019 exceeded 10 billion yuan (about 156 billion yen) in 1 minute 36 seconds. China Tips by myokoi predicted, “The sales target is going to reach the target of 120.7 billion yuan (1.8 trillion yen) in 7 hours in 2019”.

Sales can be confirmed in real time at the counter displayed on the official website . The sales exceeded 1590 billion yuan (about 2.4 trillion yen) at 10:06 am (Japan time) on November 11, 2019, 9 hours after the start of the sale, and the sales target is 1207 100 million yuan has already been achieved.

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