A strange event occurs when the message sent to Valentine arrives about 9 months later

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A strange event occurred in the United States that text messages thought to have been sent around Valentine on February 14, 2019, all arrived on November 7. Messages that arrived suddenly after about nine months were not sent to the sender in Valentine, and some people seem to have received messages about friends and family who died after Valentine.

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People are freaking out about mystery texts sent from their phones

From early morning on November 7, 2019 in local time, many users will receive “text messages sent by senders that they do not remember”.

For example, the following user receives the messages “Yup” and “Mary” after 2 o'clock in the middle of the night, but the friend who sent them said that he did not remember sending such messages. A large amount of such text messages that the sender did not remember sent in the United States. It seems that it was thought to be a bug of the smartphone at first.

It seems that both iPhone and Android users sent and received “text messages that senders did not remember” and occurred in all major US carriers. In particular, T-Mobile and Sprint were sending and receiving many 'text messages that senders did not remember'. The Verge from overseas technology media notes that AT & T and Verizon users, as well as some users of Canadian carriers, Google Voice, etc., also received 'text messages that senders did not remember'.

It seems that quite a lot of users are receiving 'text messages that the sender does not remember'.

It seems that the reason why the 'text message sent by the sender is not remembered' occurred is in the system used by the mobile phone carrier for text messages. A Sprint spokesperson said that the maintenance update we did last night is the cause of the error, but we haven't revealed the details, but we've announced that the problem has already been solved.

On the other hand, T-Mobile has attributed the reason for the 'text message that the sender did not remember' to a third-party vendor, and although the details have not been disclosed, the problem has already been solved.

It is clear that all of these 'text messages the sender has never sent' were sent before and after Valentine, but why this message was left unsent? Unknown at the time of creation. The Verge has asked Sprint and T-Mobile for details of the event, but no clear response has been obtained at the time of writing.

Twitter user KuribHoe seems to have received a message from a friend who should have died, “The past few months after my friend died was not easy. I received a message from a friend who was supposed to be, so there was a further hole in my heart. '

Barbara Kol, who lives in California, seems to have received a message from her sister that 'Mom is fine.' However, in fact, the mother died in June, “I have not stopped thinking about this since I received this message. Says. In addition, Koru's sister said that she received a message from Koru saying “I am planning to go to see her mother on the next holiday”.

Twitter user jamie seems to have received a message from a former boyfriend in the morning, “Although it caused a lot of confusion, it was really good to have a short conversation (between us)” Talking.

People who received the message that should have been sent to Valentine on the overseas bulletin board Reddit appeared about 9 months later, and you can see well that the delayed text message has confused many people throughout the United States .

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