“Strawberry Pistachio Mocha” where you can easily enjoy Starbucks in your home has a gorgeous scent of strawberry and pistachio

' Strawberry Pistachio Mocha ' has appeared in the Starbucks chilled cup coffee series that can be bought at convenience stores from November 5, 2019 (Tuesday). The rich chocolate-flavored mocha that combines fruity strawberry and pistachio scents is perfect for a gorgeous mood ahead of Christmas, so I bought it at a convenience store and drank it.

New release of Starbucks chilled cup 'Strawberry Pistachio Mocha'


This is “Starbucks Chilled Cup Strawberry Pistachio Mocha”.

An illustration based on the Christmas

ornament was printed on the red-designed cup.

The raw materials are 'raw milk', 'dairy products', 'sugar', 'coffee', 'cocoa powder', 'salt', 'fragrance', 'pH adjuster', 'casein Na' and 'emulsifier'.

The calorie is 147kcal per 200ml.

Fruit juices such as strawberry are not used.

When I took a sip, a rich flavor and aroma like strawberry-flavored chocolate spread in my mouth. In addition, it has a bitter coffee-like flavor and a pistachio fragrance. The mocha creamy and milky mouthfeel and the sweet and mellow aroma of chocolate and strawberry make it feel like a sweet, but the pistachio fragrance that remains as the aftertaste accentuates the bitterness and aroma of coffee So it was a drink that could be enjoyed as an iced coffee with a slightly different taste.

When the contents were poured into a cup, it looked like this, and it had a color like milk cocoa.

'Starbucks Chilled Cup Strawberry Pistachio Mocha' can be purchased at convenience stores nationwide from Tuesday, November 5, 2019, and the price is 200 yen excluding tax.

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