Astronauts will stay on the moon for a week in the Artemis Project, aiming for the woman's first lunar landing by 2024

Which was held on October 28, 2019 lunar exploration Analysis Group: (Lunar Exploration Analysis Group LEAG) to the annual meeting of the, which led the NASA's Mars manned exploration program John Connolly attended by Mr., ' Artemis plan ' And the existence of the Mars exploration plan further ahead of the Artemis project.

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On May 14, 2019, NASA announced the Artemis Project, which will send mankind back to the moon by 2024.

NASA announces `` Artemis plan '' to send mankind again to the moon by 2024, aiming for the first woman to reach the moon-GIGAZINE


Two men and women astronauts are expected to participate in this Artemis plan, but according to Mr. Connolly, “the moon mission period is scheduled for 6 and a half days”. This is about twice as long as the Apollo project, which stayed on the moon for about 3 days. In an approximately one-week lunar mission, the two astronauts will conduct up to four explorations to conduct scientific analyzes of the surface and samples such as ice.

Mr. Connolly emphasizes that 'the biggest difference between the Apollo and Artemis plans' is 'to prepare investigation equipment such as a remote control rover and thoroughly investigate the moon'. . NASA has announced that it will introduce the VIPER lunar probe into the Artemis program and work with astronauts.

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The lunar explorer is equipped with a function that can follow the astronauts and perform efficient exploration, like Smart Summon equipped in Tesla cars.

Astronauts and VIPER lunar explorers are in areas with permanent shadows near the South Pole of the Moon . Connorry said that the area is believed to have iced water and that one of the major goals of the Artemis project is to verify the existence of ice and to demonstrate that mining is possible. Said.

A study in 2018 reveals that there is actually ice on the surface of the moon exposed on the surface.

Direct evidence that there is ice on the moon is found-gigazine

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According to Connolly, the edge of Shackleton Crater , located in the South Pole of the Moon , is a place where sunlight falls almost always from October 2024 to February 2025, and the energy source is solar power generation. It is perfect for a reliable lunar exploration mission.

`` The ultimate goal of the Artemis project is to establish the technology necessary for manned exploration of Mars and the long-term development of the moon as a stepping stone, '' said Connolly, the leader of the Mars manned exploration program. It was revealed that there was a plan to aim for Mars ahead of the mission that landed again on the moon.

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