Devil faith played an important role in liberating women


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From the 19th century to the 20th century, women's suffrage was recognized and the social status of women changed significantly. A study by historian Per Faxneld shows that feminism in this era was actually associated with a great deal of devil belief.

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According to Faxneld, around 1880-1930, feminists used Satan (the devil) as a symbol of “exclusion of Christian patriarchy”. Satanism is called satanism , but satanic feminism combines the liberation movement of women with satanism.



According to Faxneld, Elizabeth Caddy Stanton , known as the “mother of women's suffrage”, actress Sara Bernard , and poet René Vivien, are known to have led early feminism. Was regarded as the predecessor of the patriarchal system, Satan fighting against this. At the time, combined with God through mystical intuition and meditation (pronounced:) Theosophy and is widespread, demonic feminism has seen to that inspired by this.

In satanic feminism, Satan was a liberating woman. In the Bible, Eve is banished from paradise by eating forbidden fruit, but in satanic feminism, this act is considered 'revolt against repression by God and Adam'. For this reason, Satan will be supporting Eve's actions. At that time, feminists thought that “Christian ideal marriage and wives” were incompatible with “women's rights” and that the exclusion of Christianity was necessary for women to be liberated.

Stanton's book “ The Women's Bible ”, published in the 1890s in particular, is a book with a strong hue of satanic feminism, referring to Genesis Chapter 3 ”And said that women are better than men in“ listening to Satan first ”.

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Stanton's claim is not uncommon in the feminist world. Helena P. Bravatsky, the founder of modern theology, also claims that 'Satan, the enemy of God, is actually a high-level spirit.' Blavatsky's books “ The Secret Doctrine ” and “ Isis Unveiled ” became bestsellers. Bravatsky then published a magazine called “ Lucifer ” in 1887, spreading the link between “Battle for Women's Rights” and “Satan as a Symbol”.

Sara Bernard, a French stage actress who gained tremendous popularity during the 19th and 20th centuries, is known for having a statue depicting himself as a devil. Bernard is often dressed as a man and is regarded as a destroyer of the concept of sexual roles.

Sylvia Townsend Warner, a poet and writer, is also known as one of the advocates of satanic feminism. Warner was educated by an atheist father and had been thinking about the Bible since childhood.

The book “ Lolly Willowes ”, Warner ’s debut, is a novel written about “a girl who is empowered , released, and becomes a witch”. Faxneld says the book is the most prominent example of satanic feminism. Satan is portrayed as a conscientious and considerate liberator in the book, Faxneld says, “Warner portrays Satan as a clear female liberator in the book, and Satan ’s assistance to men is important. “It ’s not.”

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