Talking about the end of the broadcast of `` Lord Ermelloy II's case book-Demon Eye Collection Train Grace note- ''

Announcing the staff talk event for the end of the broadcast of the TV anime “ The Case of Lord Elmerloy II -The Magic Eye Collection Train Grace note- ” was held in Machi Asobi vol.23 . In the final episode of the anime, a story about the scene where Lord Elmerloy II roars with the rider, and the event became a fan drool event where many production secret stories unique to the production staff pop out.

Lord Elmerloy II's Case Book -Devil Eye Collection Train Grace note-
Broadcasting end staff talk event-Machi ★ Asobi

The speakers are Makoto Kato from the left, Jun Nakai who was in charge of character design, and Ei Aoki, the supervisor. Director Kato was the first gusset asobi before, but Nakai was the first gusset asobi. On the contrary, Mr. Nakai seems to be the first to participate in a staff talk event to talk in front of many spectators. On the other hand, Aoki-san has come to Asobi and participates in the event as much as he stopped counting.

And Machi Asobi's event will be the first talk event after the broadcast of “The Case of Lord Elmerloy II -The Grave note-”. Since Kato was a heavy title called Fate, he revealed that he was nervous whether he could run the broadcast while maintaining the quality. Mr. Nakai also felt pressured because all of his previous Fate works were of high quality, but he also wanted to do more.

On the other hand, Aoki-san was surprised at the fact that 'The Case of Lord Hermeloy II II-The Magic Eye Collection Train Grace note-', which was initially heard as 'Mystery' and 'Mystery', was such a battle-intensive work. I revealed it. It is surprising that there are many battle scenes, but in the battle on the train in the latter half of the work, it was recalled that it was particularly difficult to draw a row of trees near the tracks.

`` Lord Ermeloy II's case book '' understood in 2 minutes-YouTube

Next, we asked the three guests about their first impressions of the work. When Kato read the original, he felt that it was 'very special' that he could draw a further life for Waver. Director Kato has been making works with Aoki-san in “ Re: CREATORS ” and “ Become you soon ”. “ Fate / Zero ” released in 2011, directed by Mr. Aoki, and “The Case of Lord Ermeloy II -The Magic Eye Collection Train Grace note-” are not official sequels, but are a series of works Yes. Although there was pressure as a Fate work, it seemed like it was an inevitable flow to be involved in the work because of 'What can I do as a teacher!' Mr. Aoki also revealed that he felt a mysterious feeling when he received the anime plan for Lord Elmerloy II's case book.

Mr. Nakai, character designer, was in charge of directing and directing the opening video for the second part of the Fate series “Fate / Grand Order” Cosmos in the Lostbelt . Before being in charge of this opening video, he seems to have heard stories about the animation of Lord Elmerloy II's case book, and received a big impact from the time I saw the hero of Black Hair Ron hair on the original cover It was supposed to be.

Next, Mr. Nakai, who was in charge of character design, decided to hold a free talk while drawing an illustration of Lord Elmerloy II on a sketchbook with live drawing. Not only producers involved in animation production, but also director Kato and Aoki will not actually see Nakai-san and other animators drawing in real time, so Mr. Nakai will paint at the venue It may be that the person who was seen had a very rare experience.

The outline of Lord Elmerloy II was completed in no time, and the producer who served as the moderator was constantly calling “The picture is good!”.

According to Mr. Nakai, the key to drawing Lord Elmerloy II is “wrinkles between the eyebrows”.

Such a completion. In a few minutes, Lord Elmerloy II was completed, and great applause came from the venue.

Lord Elmerloy II in the anime is not only `` adult figure '' but `` Waver at the time of the 4th Holy Grail War '', `` Waver 9 years ago '' that appeared in the first episode, and even Linness It is drawn in various forms, such as “Weaver-kun 7 years ago”, which has been rewarded with. In the main story, there are not many characters with such a wide variety of appearances, so the question “Is there any difficulty?”

Certainly, although there are various variations, Waver-kun had expressed small differences, but `` Waver at the time of the 4th Holy Grail War '' originally had a character at the time of Fate / Zero, so it was not difficult because it was drawn as it is It seems. In addition, for the 'nine years ago of Waver-kun' is also,

the original charge of the illustrations in the Sakamoto Mineji for the draft's was present, that of the 'I draw to slip.' However, Mr. Nakai said that “Weaver-kun 7 years ago” was quite annoying.

In addition, Mr. Nakai revealed that the expression of Lord Elmerloy II was exploring and exploring at the stage of Episode 0, and the story `` Road Elmerloy II who chases the cat and hits the shin '' drawn by Aoki I was surprised to see, “Is it okay to collapse my expression?”

When the story about the production of animation was brought into TROYCA, it seems that it was originally a story that wanted to animate three of `` case. Peeling castle Adra '' `` case. Sofa tower Izerma '' `` case. . However, if this is animated with a composition of 3 episodes or 4 episodes, the contents must be omitted, and it seems that Kato felt that it would be a waste to have the contents that Mr. Hatsumi refused. In addition, he wanted to draw the relationship between Lord Elmerloy II and Gray, so he decided to propose a plan centered on “case. However, since it felt that it would be extended if it was drawn only in “Course”, the first six episodes were original, and “Case. It seems to have been animated by.

Mr. Toshiyuki Nagano, President of TROYCA, suggests swimsuits and hot springs in his work, but this time he has also proposed swimsuits. However, if you really make a swimsuit with this work, it is only Lord Elmerloy II that you will take off, there are twists and turns, and the alternative was completed in 6 episodes `` Girl, department store and present '' It seems to be.

TV anime 'The Case Book of Lord Elmerloy II-Demon Eye Collection Train Grace note-' | Episode 6 'Girls, Department Stores and Presents' Preview Video-YouTube

Another question is, “I think the work of the general drawing director will vary considerably depending on the work, but what kind of work was Mr. Nakai doing now?” On the other hand, Mr. Nakai revealed that since there were multiple drawing directors for each story, there were subtle differences in the style of painting, and work was being done to align them.

Next, when asked about the characters that were difficult to draw, Director Kato gave “Hephaistion” as an immediate answer. Nakai revealed in episode 12 that Dr. Hartless and Lord Elmerloy II, the two long-haired men fighting, were struggling with long hair.

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Aoki-san said that it was difficult to draw gray, and because it was in the storyboard stage, he revealed that there was a difficulty different from his position as a painter. “I don't know the feelings of Gray at the time of this line!”, So I heard that the original author Makoto Mita directly heard on Skype. Mr. Kato seems to have been worried about the expression of Gray for a long time, and he expressed his intention not to become too weak. In addition, Reina Ueda who was in charge of Gray's voice seemed to be troubled by the direction of acting, and at the time of recording 0 episode, the director and two people talked with each other and decided the direction It was revealed. Therefore, Mr. Ueda's voice has changed in the first half and second half, according to Director Kato.

In addition, Mr. Nakai, who was in charge of illustration in the original, received a note with drawing points such as `` I have a little lips open '' about Gray, so I was drawing with awareness of it It seems that he wanted. Gray is a character that is hard to imagine what kind of facial expression it is wearing a hood, but it also reveals that it was sticking to expressing the mouth visible from the hood like lip cream instead of lipstick, expression of the mouth For this reason, Mariko Shinohara, a color designer, created a color, and revealed that she made a trial-and-error process, such as 'If the color is too dark, it looks ugly ...'. Regarding this, Director Kato told me that Mr. Nakai certainly heard the word “I will fix my lips”.

TV anime `` The Case Book of Lord Elmerloy II-Demon Eye Collection Train Grace note- '' Non-credit ED movie-YouTube

In addition, we asked three guests the questions that had been solicited in the official Twitter account of 'The Lord Elmerloy II Casebook-Grace note-'. The first question is “praise”.

Director Kato said that all the staff worked hard because he couldn't choose one because he was responsible for managing the staff.

Next, Mr. Nakai thanked everyone who was involved, but confessed to Ryuichi Makino, the main animator who was in charge of the action part. Mr. Makino cited the scenes that were helped by Mr. Makino, such as the scene where Gray fights for the first time in episode 2 and the scene where Gilgamesh appears in the past recollection of episode 1.

Aoki-san said that what Kato and Nakai-san can say in common is that work is neat. Any work will become more strict on the schedule in the second half, but the two people have a high ideal line of `` up to here '', and it is a point that feels `` neat '' to work until that limit That's right. The work, which is ideal and the things that are unsatisfactory, can be picked up and repaired by yourself, is a style that pulls the staff around you and is very hot. Director Kato revealed that after the rush, he talked with Mr. Nakai that he could do more, saying, “It ’s still more.”

The next question is episode 13 about the dream scene where Lord Elmerloy II is jealous of the rider.

Lord Elmerloy II and Rider's Samurai scene are recorded in the B part of Episode 13, and it seems that Director Kato was in charge of the story. Director Kato confessed that the 13th episode / A part was a continuation of the 12th episode from the beginning, and the 13th episode / B part was considered to be a real 13th episode.

In episode 13, the rider Akio Otsuka came to the recording site and exchanged with Namikawa, who played the role of Lord Elmerloy II, after a long time. The director had confessed that he was urgent at the time of “Otsuka-san entered”, but Mr. Nagano, President of TROYCA, was also exposed to crying after hearing Otsuka-san's voice.

Mr. Aoki and Mr. Namikawa and Mr. Otsuka who decided to play Waver and Rider together after a long time at the after-recording scene of Episode 13 were in perfect agreement with the scene of Waver and Rider who met in a dream after a long time He told me that he was even more impressed.

The next question is about the favorite scenes on the producer side.

Director Kato and Mr. Nakai both confessed to “Episode 1 and Episode 13.” Mr. Nakai said that it was fun to draw 9 years ago Waver-kun and Melvin Waynes, and he said he wanted to draw more of their early life. Director Kato chooses “1 episode” if he chooses the best, because the reason is that Aoki-san was doing the story of episode 0, so he felt that he was trying it out, so slumping especially in the production part Although he was in trouble, he was able to complete one episode at the end of his conflict, so he was particularly passionate.

Aoki raised 13 episodes and pointed out that the story of “Case. Mahou Shuku Train” ended with 12 episodes, and that episode 13 was like a full epilogue. Is it okay to have an epilogue at the B part at first? It seemed that it was, but in the end, the entire episode 13 was in the form of an epilogue, and it seemed that the answer was correct and that the answer was correct.

In addition, there are things that are more aspirational than questions. On the other hand, Director Kato appealed that there was a passion to draw a story as soon as he got the go sign.

In the greeting after the event, there is also a technique such as `` Lord Ermeloy II's casebook-Grace note-'' that adds original elements while utilizing the original Confession that it became a work that feels responsive throughout TROYCA. Mr. Nakai appealed that he still wanted to draw Lord Elmerloy II and Gray as it was a wasteful work to end here. Director Kato re-developed the Elmerloy II of 'Lord Hermeloy II's Case Book -The Magic Eye Collection Train Grace note-' completed through numerous works that he has been directing and directing in future director life. He told me that he was looking forward to drawing.

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