Talk event report that “Fate / Grand Order” brilliantly left Halloween and announced a new event and exposed a laughter

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Fate / Grand Order ' held a cast talk event in Machi Asobi vol.23 . The venue was thrilled with the announcement of the “Treasure Quiz” that cast casts the audience with the audience and the latest information on the long-awaited game.

[Postscript / Update] [From Caldea Public Relations Bureau] Machi ★ Asobi vol.23 Talk Event Information | Fate / Grand Order Official Site

Kana Ueda (middle) as Ishtar / Ereshkigal and Ayako Kawasumi (Right) as Altria Pendragon / Anne Bonny / Fow appeared as guests of the event.

At first, a retrospective talk that looks back on events held at FGO since Kyomafu 2019 started. Events such as `` Battle in New York 2019 '', `` Babylonian Anime Broadcast Commemorative Campaign '', `` Reprinted Oniland '' were held in the game, but Kawasumi was named after the animation broadcast commemorative campaign, ``

Fate / Grand Order-Absolute When I played Fou-kun in “The Beast Front Babylonian ”, I confessed that I was worried about how to play the line “ Marlinsis Besifor! ”.

On the other hand, a big applause came from the audience, and it turned out that many users evaluated it as a great performance.

Next, a quiz about “treasure tools” used by servants appearing in the game started. The first question is to determine which servant has a treasure name written in text and what to read.

What kind of servant's treasure is 'Eternally closed Utopia' ...

When the moderator asked, “Who can understand the answer at the venue?”, It seemed that many spectators already knew which servant's treasure. Mr. Kawasumi seems to have come to the right answer in a haste, and has hinted that it is a servant that has been indebted many times.

The second question is 'Running / Spirit Eyeball'. The master should try the quiz before google.

Next, the quiz “Which combination is the name of a servant in the same class?” For example, in the following case, the answer is “1”.

So, the third question is as follows.

The fourth question is after Machi ★ Asobi, “New Servant“ Tokushima Sudachi ”What is the name of the treasure used by this servant?”

Mr. Ueda seems to have come to the event on the day of the event, but Mr. Kawasumi is Noriaki Sugiyama, who plays Shiro Emiya, and Mr. Sakura, who plays on

the special stage of “Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]” Apparently it was the day before with Noriko-san. When he was eating fresh fish for dinner the day before, the three Kawasumi-san were sending photos of fresh fish to the LINE group that Ueda-san and four made. From the grudge, Ueda devised the treasure “Unlimited Lost Fish Works” of Avenger Tokushima Sudachi.

Mr. Kawasumi proposed 'King's Sudachi' using the caster / Gilgamesh treasure 'King of the King'. It seems to have imaged a happy scene where countless delicious sudachi flies.

Next, Toshiyuki Kanazawa, who is in charge of advertising Aniplex, appeared. He / she told latest information about FGO PROJECT.

From November 5th (Tue), Lawson and the anime “Fate / Grand Order -Absolute Magical Battlefront Babylonia-” collaboration campaign will be held.

A campaign-only illustration is also available.

An original blonde chocolate drink with drawn illustrations printed on the cup will also appear.

The real thing also appeared at the venue.

It is a pure package design that reminds me of a gold pica servant.

Furthermore, 'Fate / Grand Order Caldea Park Caravan 2019-2020' will be held. This is a new version of 'FGO Winter Festival 2018-2019-Traveling Great Circus!' Held from 2018 to 2019.

The logo looks something like this.

An illustration drawn by

Namie was also released.

The schedule and location are as follows. This is the first event in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Admission ticket changed to lottery sales. Tickets are 2000 yen including tax.

Furthermore, because it is a game latest information light version ...

Mr. Yoshiki Kanou, the 2nd development director of FGO, appears.

As soon as the movie played, “At the end of October, somewhere in Machi ★ Asobi…”

'Two weeks from the promised fate of the festival ... A BOX tournament to rethink life. A fascinating raid that seeks eggs at an amusement park. High-quality anime that comes every week. The heroes gather again. '

'I think that made everybody. And is ready at this stage of the Hi Machi ★ Asobi. Thank you for the venue. So, the next event'm this kind of thing. I me know.'

“The Earth, the human race, and Saber's three years have passed since SW1. The epic story is about to reopen. What is Servant Universe? What is the fate entrusted to Heroine X? The secret of the guardian is the second installment of the Space Opera, which shatters all mysteries.

“Kimyo, wait with your head fluffy. Eh, Halloween? The guy came in Heisei.

That's why the new event 'Saber Wars 2-To the Beginning Universe-' was announced. Scheduled to be held from 18:00 on October 30, 2019 (Wednesday). Participation conditions are clear “final singularity”

And the scenario is written by Ms. Kinoko Nasu so that you can imagine it from the beginning of the dialogue.

In addition, a new servant treasure production will appear at the event.

Calamity Jane's treasure production is also available on YouTube.

Calamity Jane A black hand leading to death-YouTube

The servant name is “Calamity Jane”. Although the number of classes and stars is unknown, it will be available for a limited time with the summons.

Panels were also released at the venue. This panel is on display at the entrance of the Awagin Hall where the event took place.

Next, another servant command card action was released. Arts



And extra attack

It is clear that Space Ishtar that appeared in Battle Inn New York 2019 will appear as a new servant. Both are scheduled to appear in Seikiishi Summon for a limited time, and the distribution servant is Nashi at this event.

Space Ishtar's battle motion movie is also available on YouTube.

Space Ishtar Battle Motion-YouTube

In addition, a campaign just before the event was announced.

In the campaign, you can get the following bonuses.

In addition, a pickup summon will be held just before the event. It seems that “Mysterious Heroine X” is picked up.

And the TVCM of the event was also released.

A TV commercial of 'Saber Wars 2-To the Beginning Universe-' was also released on YouTube.

Saber Wars 2 ~ To the Beginning Universe ~ TVCM-YouTube

In addition, 10 sacred stones will be presented to commemorate the Machi Asobi exhibition.

Greetings from three people at the end of the event. Mr. Kanou advised, “Don't forget to use it,” because the special second coming soon. Mr. Ueda was pleased that Ishtar he performed became a space Ishtar and could participate in the event in a big way, and said, 'I want to greet 30 days while thrilling!' And Kawasumi-san told me that he was looking forward to Servant Universe, where Heroine X and others are active (?).

Later, “

TYPE-MOON Exhibition Fate / stay night-15 Years of Trajectory ” was announced.

It will be held at Sony Music Roppongi Museum and will be exhibited during the first, second and third periods.

Ticket information is as follows. The admission date is specified and the ticket price is 2300 yen for advance tickets and 2500 yen for same-day tickets.

In addition, the main visual drawn by Takashi Takeuchi will be released for the first time.

'Fate' in the first phase is Saber.

The second term “Unlimited Blade Works” is Tohsaka Rin.

The third term “Heaven's Feel” is Maki Tung.

The three main visuals of the new servant Calamity Jane and Space Ishtar announced at the event, and `` TYPE-MOON Exhibition Fate / stay night-15 years of the trajectory-'' are at the entrance of the Awagin Hall where the venue was held It was on display and anyone could shoot with a camera.

Calamity Jane & Space Ishtar.

The main visual of “TYPE-MOON Exhibition Fate / stay night-15 Years of Trajectory”.

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