`` Adult Garigari kun melon '' tasting review with juiciness as if it is covered with raw melon

“Adult Garigari-kun Melon ”, which uses 11% melon juice in the “Adult Garigari-kun” series, appeared on Tuesday, October 22, 2019. In September, a unique ``

Garigari-kun rich egg grilled taste '' appeared, but about the new taste melon Akagi Dairy commented that `` because it is after egg grilled taste, it is not in protection '' I was wondering what it was like, so I tried to eat it.

A new adult is born to Garigari! | Akagi Dairy Co., Ltd.

Adult narigari-kun melon (bar) | Products | Akagi Dairy Co., Ltd.

This is an adult grigari-kun melon. The package uses a photo of a red melon like Yubari Melon. Melon juice is 11%.

Calories are 66kcal per 100ml per bottle ...

The raw material name is “melon juice”, followed by sugar, isomerized sugar, syrup, apple juice, honey, and so on. It may be a salty role in watermelon that contains salt.

When I take out the ice from the bag, the ice is the same orange color as the melon in the package. The more people who enter the room without knowing anything, the more the scent of melon is, the more sweet the scent of melon spreads.

When you eat it, you can feel the fruit juice, rich sweetness, and strong scent of the fruit melon. The flesh should not be contained, but because of the condensed milk in the hidden taste, if the melon flavored popsicles and the sharp shaved ice melt in your mouth, you will feel a slightly tangled texture like the flesh It was There are several melon-flavored ice creams, but adult Garigari-kun can be said to be an ice cream that truly recreates melon with the word “juicy”.

The manufacturer's retail price of an adult Garigari-kun melon is 110 yen including tax.

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