BBC opens a mirror site on the dark web that can only be accessed via Tor

BBC News, a news media run by the British public broadcaster BBC, has revealed that it has built a mirror site that can only be accessed using the anonymous communication system Tor .

BBC News launches 'dark web' Tor mirror-BBC News

BBC News heads to the dark web with new Tor mirror-The Verge

In a normal communication system, who accessed the server remains in the form of an IP address, so it is possible to identify 'who accessed the site' and 'who sent the mail?' However, Tor makes it possible to completely anonymize the communication path, making it impossible to know who accessed the site and who sent the email.

The mechanism of the anonymous communication system 'Tor' is explained in detail in the following article, so please check it if you are interested.

An easy-to-understand explanation of how anonymous communication `` Tor '' works-GIGAZINE

“Tor Browser” is a browser that enables web browsing using Tor. Since the network connection path can be hidden, it is also used when accessing the dark web or leaking confidential information.

Browser `` Tor Browser '' that can hide anonymity from where you are accessing-gigazine

Countries such as China, Iran, and Vietnam are unable to access websites such as BBC News because they regulate some content on the Internet. Therefore, BBC News newly opened a mirror site for BBC News on the Tor network. BBC News is usually accessed from a URL such as “ ” or “ ”. However, BBC has opened a new URL ' bbcnewsv2vjtpsuy.onion ' that can be accessed via Tor Browser. Even if this URL is accessed from a normal web browser, the message 'Cannot find the site' will be displayed.

If you access Tor version of BBC News from within the UK, the international version of BBC News will be displayed. The Tor version of BBC News supports display in foreign languages such as Arabic, Persian, and Russian. However, it seems that content services provided only in the UK, such as BBC iPlayer, will not work because of broadcasting rights.

The BBC stated about the Tor version of BBC News, 'Users in countries where BBC News is blocked or restricted can now access BBC's global news content via the Tor network.'

Facebook opened a mirror site ( facebookcorewwwi.onion ) that can only be accessed via Tor on the dark web in 2014, just like BBC News.

If you want to browse the web using Tor, in addition to using Tor Browser, you have the option of using Brave Browser .

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