Research results that exercise before breakfast burns fat twice as much

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Javier Gonzalez's research team at the University of Bath, UK, found that exercising 'before breakfast' burns fat twice as much as exercising after breakfast. This is not an immediate conclusion that 'we lose weight twice,' but this finding is related to metabolism, including the action of insulin , and is an important key in eliminating obesity.

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Pre-breakfast workouts for men could “maximize” a specific exercise benefit | Inverse

Gonzalez's research team conducted two experiments before reaching this conclusion. One is a short-term experiment in which male subjects are assigned a `` day to cycle before breakfast '' and `` a day to cycle after eating cornflakes and toast '', the other experiment is for 30 male subjects to `` This is a long-term experiment in which the group is eaten before exercise and the group does not eat, and the progress is observed over 6 weeks.

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In both experiments, subjects in both groups lost weight to the same extent and adapted to exercise. On the other hand, it has been shown that responses in the body, especially insulin responses, are very different. According to a study, a 6-week experiment showed that groups who did not eat breakfast before exercise had lower insulinemia levels after meals and increased insulin sensitivity.

Also, groups who did not eat breakfast before exercise tended to consume fat instead of carbohydrates as energy during exercise. Researchers view these effects as a “fasting effect”. This is because the subject has been fasted since eating dinner the day before, and the insulin level also falls, so the energy source depends on fat. There is what is called “ intermittent fasting / intermittent fasting ” as a dieting method using the same reaction.

In this study, there is a limit to the fact that the subjects are limited to men only and that the experiment was small. In addition, it is said that it is more effective to eat something before exercise, and it is not possible to apply the results of this study for all exercises.

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But this study certainly shows that exercise before breakfast can reduce the health effects of obesity. “Many athletes already use this strategy. Some people commute on foot or by bicycle and have breakfast about the company, but these people already take advantage of this advantage to maximize the effectiveness of the exercise. Gonzalez said.

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