I have eaten new burgers such as McDonald's `` Spicy Maki Mac Burger '' and `` Parent and Child Teriyaki Mac Burger '' that responded to the first time `` I want to make a spicy guy '' `` I want to eat oyakodon ''

As part of a campaign where Mr. YOSHIKI from “ X JAPAN ” makes McDonald ’s mess, and McDonald ’s responds to it, from October 23rd (Wednesday), for a limited time, “ Spicy Maki Burger ” “ Parent and Child Teriyaki Mac Burger ” ' Teriyaki muffin ' has appeared. I actually ate it to see what the taste of the burger, which incorporates YOSHIKI's request, “Make a spicy one” and “I want to eat Oyakodon”.

Teriyaki Mac Burger 30th Anniversary YOSHIKI-san is messy with Mac! 'Teriyaki Mac Burger' set for 500 yen for one coin! | McDonald's Japan

Arrived at McDonald's.

A banner of “Teriyaki Muffin”, a Mac in the morning, was on the storefront. Illustrations of YOSHIKI who participated in the project are also drawn.

I ordered 'Spicy Mac Burger' and 'Parent and Child Teriyaki Mac Burger'. It is sold after 10:30 at morning Mac dealers. The letter “Mucha!” Was printed on the wrapping paper.

“Spicy Macburger” is said to add garlic and jalapeno spicy sauce to Teriyaki Macburger.

It is about this size compared to transportation IC cards.

“Teriyaki Mac Burger” is usually a mellow taste, but when you put it in your mouth, the pain that pierces your tongue will spread. Although it was full-fledged spiciness that sweated out while eating, the sweetness of the fat of pork patty and the spiciness of jalapeno were a perfect match.

“Parent and child Teriyaki Mac Burger” is more voluminous than Spicy Makiya Burger. Sweet lemon sauce, lettuce, eggs and chicken patties are sandwiched.

It was about the same height as a transportation IC card.

The chicken patties are fried with a garment, so you can enjoy both the crispness of the garment and the moist part of the crisp sauce. By adding the egg, it was sweet and spicy, and the mellow sauce was added to create a mellow finish.

Spicy Maki Burger / Parent and Child Teriyaki Mac Burger is a regular menu, but Teriyaki Muffin is also available as a morning-only menu.

Compared to a transportation IC card, it is about this size.

Inside is sweet lemon sauce, lettuce and sausage patties.

The thick muffin has a thick sauce. The sweet and savory sauce and juicy patty have a strong taste despite being a Mac in the morning.

“Teriyaki Muffin” is 290 yen including tax, “Tastey Teriyaki Mac Burger” and “Parent and Child Teriyaki Mac Burger” are 390 yen including tax and can be purchased at McDonald's stores nationwide except some stores.

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