`` The hired killer hires subcontracts '' is repeated and `` 5th contract killer '' is born



It seems that the multiple subcontracting structure where subcontractors hire more subcontracts extends not only to the construction and IT industries, but also to the killer industry. Six people involved in multiple subcontracts of assassinations were arrested in China.

Nanjo City Chu-in Confrontation, etc.

The five reluctant hitmen of China: group jailed over botched contract killing | World news | The Guardian

Around the fall of 2013, Qin Youhui, a real-estate business man, hired a killer at 2 million yuan (about 31 million yen) in order to clean up a business man named Wei who had sued Youhui. However, the hired killer has “pinned” half of the 2 million yuan and decided to hire a subcontracted killer for the other half.


Florian Fromentin

The story did not end here. Like the prime contractor, this subcontractor man also decided to hire a subcontractor man. In addition, this grandchild subcontractor also hired subcontractors ... and the total number of subcontractors repeated four times. The reward of the 5th hitman who was hired last was 100,000 yuan (about 1.5 million yen) as a result of repeated pin splashes.

This fifth hitman did not have the courage of a hit man. The fifth hitman contacted the target Wei and asked, “I don't want to kill me for only 100,000 yuan. Help me solve the situation.”



The fifth hitman, in cooperation with Wei, took a photo of pretending to be dead. The photo was sent by mobile phone and arrived at the requester, Youhui. Wei hid himself for 10 days and then the fifth killer appeared to the police with a cell phone that had been accidentally left behind by Wei. The full picture of this incident has been revealed.

China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region's Intermediate People's Court announced on the WeChat, a popular messenger app in China that '6 people tried to do it was intentional murder.' The client, Youhui, and five killers were each sentenced to 2 years and 7 months in prison and 5 years in prison.

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