Asthma may occur due to fat in the lungs



Obesity can cause various illnesses such as diabetes, hyperuricemia, fatty liver, and sleep apnea syndrome. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also reports that obesity also increases the risk of asthma. This is it may take an excessive load in the lungs by fat, but be or become inflammation is likely to occur was thought to cause the possibility that asthma is caused by fat accumulation in the lungs and airways of the University of Western Australia It has been suggested by researchers.

Fatty Airways: Implications for Obstructive Disease | European Respiratory Society

For The First Time, Scientists Find Fat Can Clog Lungs And Airways, Not Just Your Heart

Researchers from the University of Western Australia have observed approximately 1400 lung tissue samples from 51 deceased people. Of the 52 people, 16 people of asthma died in the cause, 21 people that had been suffering from asthma died from other causes, things as there is no history of suffering from asthma was 15 people.

Then, we found a case where fat cells accumulated in the lungs and airway walls from the sample. The image below one of the photomicrograph of the sample. The dotted line is the cross-section of the outside air canal wall (Outer airway wall), but you can see the look of Adipose cells, such as the round grain in the lower half of the (fat cells) are concentrated.

In addition, the amount of fat accumulated in the airway wall was correlated not only with the subject's BMI but also with the number of neutrophils and eosinophils in the subject. Neutrophils and eosinophils are a type of white blood cell that, when increased, tends to cause inflammation and cause asthma. From this, the research team argues that “the accumulation of adipose tissue due to overweight may be related to the pathophysiology of the respiratory tract”.

Peter Noble, who is a physiologist of the University of Western Australia accumulates on the walls of the 'excess fat respiratory tract, was found to be occupying the space to increase the inflammation in the lungs. This causes a thickening of the airway, “It is thought that the symptoms of asthma are accelerating in order to limit air in and out of the lungs.”

However, the detailed mechanism of “why fat cells accumulate in the respiratory tract” has not been clarified. In addition, the number of research subjects this time was 52, but the research team is appealing for the need for further research on more people.

Chairman Thierry door Roosters who is the European Respiratory Society evaluates the research 'This is beyond the simple observation that' obese patients there is a need to make more of breathing exercise and activity '', 'This is an important finding on the relationship between body weight and respiratory disease, overweight and obesity have shown that there is a potential to worsen the symptoms of asthma patients,' said commented.

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