Beard Papa's “Twig Shoe” tasting review with “Twig” turned into cream puff, just like “Stem”

Twig Shoe ”, a cream puff made from “

Twig ”, which is familiar as a chocolate confectionery, has appeared on Monday, October 21, 2019 from Beard Papa , a cream puff specialty store. I actually ate it to see how it tasted like a cream puff with a crunchy texture and crunchy texture.

Koeda Shoe | Beard Papa

Arrived at Beard Papa.

The store was lined with “twig shoes” that look like Eclair. At Beard Papa, the cream is packed into the shoe skin after ordering.

That ’s why I bought it.

When I took it out of the bag, it was in a package with a twig logo drawn on it.

This is twig shoe. Almonds, wheat puffs and rice puffs are treated like twigs, so the surface is rugged.

Compared to a transportation IC card, it is about this size.

When the real twigs are arranged next to each other, the twig shoe looks like a trunk. The twig is really thin like a branch.

If you cut it in half, the topping chocolate is thick, and the dough has plenty of chocolate cream.

When I ate it, I can clearly see that I tried to reproduce twigs from the mellow sweetness of chocolate on top and the texture of almonds. However, since the puffs and almonds are generally large in addition to the thickness of the chocolate, it has a texture of “gorigori” and “bori-bori” rather than “crispy” and “polypoly”, and an image of a sturdy “trunk” rather than delicate branches. Chocolate is stronger than choux pastry, and all elements of the twig are scaled up “big and strong” as they are, resulting in a satisfying finish. The addition of a slightly modest but soft and scented dough and a smooth vanilla-flavored chocolate cream made the candy twig a bit of a luxurious sweet taste.

“Koeda Shoe” is sold for a limited time from October 21, 2019 (Monday) to November 30, 2019 (Saturday) and can be purchased for 241 yen excluding tax.

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