What is the reason why 'Old Tjikko' over 9500 years old cannot wither?

The oldest tree in Sweden, “

Old Tjikko ” is a tree over 9500 years old. Old trees tend to look like giant trees like the Jomon cedar of Yakushima, but Old Tjikko is about 5 meters high and has a thin trunk, so it doesn't seem to live for over 9500 years. Old Tjikko has been able to survive for thousands of years because of its special survival strategy.

Oldest living trees-Fjäll och trädgränser i ändrat klimat

The World's Oldest Tree Lives in Sweden | Swedes in the States

Old Tjikko, over 9500 years old, was discovered in 2004 by Leif Kalman, a physics geographer. The name Old Tjikko was named after Siberian Husky's “Tjikko” owned by Mr. Kalman. The biological ' Picea Abies is a kind of conifer called', mainly Sweden Dalarna province, has been living in the Acquisition of full J. Let Mountains.

Mr. Kalman said, “To know the changes in ecosystems caused by climate change in the last 100 years, it is necessary to investigate how trees responded to climate change that occurred in the past.” Person. Mr. Kalman, who discovered four Spruce in the Huljugeret Mountains in Dalarna, analyzed the pieces of wood using a dating method called the carbon-14 method . As a result, it was shown that the age of each tree was 375 years, 5660 years, 9000 years, and 9550 years.

This is Old Tjikko. The height is about 5 meters, and it looks like “I have lived nearly 10,000 years”.

In fact, Spruce is not a single tree, but forms a clone that regenerates trunks and branches from the same root. The life span of Spruce stems is 600 years, and even if the stem dies, it continues to live by growing a young tree with the same gene from the root. Cullman said, “The past 10,000 years have been cold summers. Spruce trees were able to survive the tough situation because of the ability to create another trunk even if one trunk dies . I ',' big trees 'a result of our research with states that do not live so long' is some sort of Picea Abies is not affected by the harm of fire-pathogen-insect 'eternal life' that you have a I strongly support it. '

On the other hand, there is a question about Kalman's research that Old Tjikko is about 9500 years old.

How old is Old Tjikko?-Tom Kimmerer

Forest researcher Tom Kimarer first mentions that the existing Old Tjikko tree itself was about 80 years old, and that the tree pieces contained in the soil around Old Tjikko were about 9500 years old Did. The idea that this piece of wood belongs to Old Tjikko is only a “hypothesis”, and no evidence has been shown that the two are genetically identical in the studies published so far. There is a lot of information on the Internet that deals with Old Tjikko as one of the oldest trees, but Mr. Kimmar argues that there is no evidence that Old Tjikko is over 80 years old.

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