We have seen 3 shots of Laplace & Musubimaru & Hoya Boya in Kesennuma at the start of 'Laplace + Miyagi Tour'

In response to the appointment of `` Laplace '' as `` Miyagi Support Pokemon '' in July 2019, from October 19th (Saturday) to November 4th (Monday), 2019, it will become Laplace during Pokémon GO play in Miyagi Prefecture It becomes easy to meet. On October 19th, the first day, an opening event was held in Kesennuma.

Laplace + Miyagi tour


Make it easier to meet “Laplace” with “Pokémon GO”! (Opening event on 10/19!) | [Official] Kesennuma Tourist Information Site |

There are three options for aiming for Kesennuma by public transportation: “Ofunato Line / Ofunato Line BRT”, “Kesennuma Line BRT”, and “Express Bus”. In the past, it was possible to arrive in around 2 hours from Sendai by using the rapid ' Minamisanriku ' running on the Tohoku Main Line, Ishinomaki, and Kesennuma Lines, but the Great East Japan Earthquake caused major damage along the Kesennuma Line, and JR East was the Kesennuma Line. Abandoned to restore the railway between Yanaizu Station and Kesennuma Station. Since the section was replaced with BRT (Bus Express Transportation System) , the fastest bus became a high-speed bus.

This time, we chose to travel on the Tohoku Shinkansen + Ofunato line for reasons such as travel time. When I got off the ticket gate floor to transfer from Shinkansen to Ofunato Line at Ichinoseki Station, the pillars were decorated with Pikachu.

It takes a little one hour from Ichinoseki Station to Kesennuma Station on the Ofunato Line.

Kesennuma Station was colored by Pikachu and others.

A panel of the

POKEMON with YOU train that runs on the Ofunato Line.

Pikachu and Pikachu from the Ish region welcome you.

This is the Kesennuma Line BRT vehicle for Yanaizu. A bright red bus that is easy to understand even from a distance.

The panel on the ticket gate “Welcome to Kesennuma” is also covered with Pikachu.

Pikachu is also at the exit of the station building.

Kesennuma station distant view. Like Kesennuma, famous for its fishery, there is a lighthouse in front of the station.

From here,

Kesennuma Sea Market, where the opening event will be held, is just over 20 minutes on foot. You can also borrow a bicycle at a tourist association in front of the station. However, on this day, it was raining from morning, so we decided to use the city circulation bus. There is a “Kesennuma Station” bus stop on the left side of the street in front of the station.

City circulation bus came over. Buses of other routes also come to this bus stop, but only the city circulation bus goes to “Umi no Ichimae”. Since this bus does not have a getting-off button, it is a system that tells the bus stop to get off when getting on.

Arrived at 'Umi no Ichimae' in 10 minutes. The price is uniform for adults 200 yen.

The location of Kesennuma Sea Market is 7-13, Fish Market in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture.

A white tent was set up in front of the “Sea City” and the event was ready.

If it wasn't raining, the event would have been held here ...

Instead, the hall was on the first floor of the building.

Laplace balloon waiting for the start of the event.

First Sendai, Miyagi tourism PR character of

concluding the round and Kesennuma tourism PR character sea of child Hoyaboya appeared.

And Laplace, the leading role, entered the hall later.

If it is the sea, it should proceed with Swissi, but this time it was an event on land, so it was somewhat mozzo mozo.

Laplace moving forward with Mozomozo @ `` Laplace + Miyagi Tour '' opening event-YouTube

Opening event at Laplace @ `` Laplace + Miyagi Tour '' welcomed to Musubimaru and Hoya Boya-YouTube

A shutter was formed as a result of popular photo opportunities.

I couldn't see the Musubimaru crouching from behind.

After this, Laplace responded to two shots. During that time, I went up to the second floor of Kesennuma Sea Market. This is a lapsus sun visor distributed to the first 3000 people.

There was a crowd of people at the goods department because they were able to purchase

Miyagi specialty x Laplace goods for a limited time.

Collaboration goods look like this

There was also 'Laplace Kokeshi' (6000 yen excluding tax). Numbering is given to the bottom.

On the first floor, “Pokemon Rhythm Stage 1.2 Tambourine” was attended by Pikachu, who became the stationmaster of the POKEMON with YOU train, and the children were excited.

There is “

Shark Museum ” on the 2nd floor of Kesennuma Sea Market . It is the only “shark museum” in Japan, and exhibits related to the Great East Japan Earthquake. Admission is 500 yen for adults.

A great white shark super real object in the Shark zone.

Teeth use real teeth.

By the way, the tsunami inundation depth during the Great East Japan Earthquake was shown in the elevator section. In general, the first floor was completely submerged, and the second floor was high enough to reach the waist.

If you walk about 10 minutes from Kesennuma Sea Market, you will find a pleasure boat stop. The address is 1-15 Minamimachi Kaigan, Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture.

There is a ticket office of

Oshima Kisen on the first floor of a brand new building. Tickets are 1500 yen for adults and 750 yen for children.

The pleasure boat has been operated as a

Laplace ship since August 10, 2019, and you can enjoy a cruise of about 50 minutes on the Laplace. ...... However, all flights were canceled on this day due to poor visibility and drifting due to rain.

In addition, I met Laplace properly and succeeded in getting it. It looks like a probability similar to that

at the event in Ishinomaki held in 2016, but it was unfortunate that it was not possible to move to the place as soon as there was a Laplace reaction because of the bad weather.

The chance of encounter with Laplace will continue until November 4th (Monday), so please take this opportunity to visit Miyagi Prefecture.

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