Nintendo Switch `` Ring Fit Adventure '' which advances muscle to a partner is a new sense game where training and games are fused

Nintendo Switch ' Ring Fit Adventure ', which has become a hot topic about '

Mysterious Ring ', has appeared on Friday, October 18, 2019. Nintendo, which has created games that can play sports and training such as 'Wii Sports' and ' Wii Fit ', is a game that combines training and adventure, so I actually tried to see what kind of game it was.

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You can check how you are playing Ring Fit Adventure from the following official CM.

Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure TVCM Adventure 1-YouTube

table of contents:
◆ Photo review
◆ Installation of controller
◆ I tried playing a game

◆ Photo review
The package for 'Ring Fit Adventure' looks something like this.

It's not a game of pico-pico operation with a controller ...

It is a game to play with the whole body using 'Ring Con' and 'Leg Band'.

When you open the box, the game software package is in the middle ...

There was a ringcon and a leg band underneath.

A hot message on the side of the box.

Contents include ringcon, leg band, and game software.

The ring is black.

Nintendo Switch logo and LED lamp on the front.

On the back there was a slot to set Joy-Con, a dedicated controller for Nintendo Switch.

The grip is made of soft material for easy grip.

It was fastened with Velcro and was removable.

The leg band has a pocket for Joy-Con.

It is made of rubber and has elasticity so that it can be fastened with Velcro.

◆ Installation of controller
After checking the contents, the game starts. First of all, the tutorial for installing the controller starts. The tutorial was very comprehensible with a polite explanation. First of all, wearing the leg band.

Put the left Joy-Con in the leg band and attach it so that Joy-Con comes to the center of the left thigh.

Put Joy-Con in the pocket of the leg band ...

Wearing. Tighten a little so that it does not slip.

The Joy-Con on the right is attached to the ringcon.

When Joy-Con is inserted and a click is heard, installation is complete.

◆ I tried playing a game
The game starts because the controller is ready. The start screen looks like this, 'Adventure', 'Easy', 'Custom', 'While mode' is prepared. First, I played 'Adventure'.

Make sure you have plenty of space to avoid getting injured by accidentally hitting walls or furniture while training.

Before the adventure, a warm-up started as a tutorial. 'Miburi-san' with no expression on the left and 'heavenly voice' on the right assist you. The people who comment on 'Miburi' and the comment on the right seem to be different characters.

In order to set the exercise load in the game, we will answer questions such as age, weight, frequency of regular exercise, how hard you want fitness.

In the game, there is a scene where you step on foot called jogging, but if you are on the second floor and are worried that the sound will sound downstairs, the `` silent mode '' that jogs not by stepping but by bending and stretching your knees Can be set. Note that the settings can be changed later.

After completing the settings before starting the game, do not start the adventure mode right away, but do 'dynamic stretching' as a preparation exercise. If you say 'I'm already preparing for it,' you can skip it by pressing '+' on Joy-Con.

Attentive to recommend towels and water preparation before the game starts.

The settings have only been completed yet, but pressing the ringcon inward plays the role of the 'OK' button, so the arm of the editorial staff who has no muscles is already tired.

You can use the Joy-Con buttons when you have trouble operating at the ringcon, but if you really want to do muscle training, you'll want to abandon your sweetheart.

Adventure mode allows you to decide the appearance, hair color and eye color of the hero. The appearance settings can be changed later.

Roughly explaining the adventure mode story, the hero who got lost in a strange world somehow found a mysterious ring ...

It will resurrect the gorgeous macho villain who was inadvertently sealed in the ring.

The story is that the protagonist will be pursuing the bad guys, along with the 'ring', which is justice-like who sealed the bad guys.

Before starting the stage, put your right thumb on Joy-Con and measure the pulse.

Put your thumb on the red frame of Joy-Con.

The stage selection screen looks like this.

In a normal action game, you move the character with a stick or cross key. However, in a ring fit adventure, the character does not move forward unless you step on it. This is a game where the muscles are like a partner unless you use muscles.

The stairs cannot be climbed without raising the thighs at right angles. If you move your feet quickly, you can move quickly.

The protagonist runs in a superb view. If you can jog in such a spectacular scenery, you will feel comfortable, but in reality you are just stepping in the room, so it feels sad.

Press the ringcon inside to fire the air cannon. Destroying obstacles with air cannons ...

You can also jump down with an air cannon.

The first stage was completed in about 3 minutes.

After clearing, measure the pulse again.

After the measurement, the result is displayed, and advice such as increasing the exercise load is displayed. This time, he said, 'I can afford it.' As an editorial staff who actually tried it, it was 'slightly sweating but not shortness of breath', so it seemed good to raise the load a little more.

Clear time, calorie consumption, and mileage are displayed.

Although it is a muscle training that does not take effect immediately, in the Ring Fit Adventure, the exercise results are converted into points, so you can train just like a game.

The following movie is actually playing adventure mode.

When you actually play `` Ring Fit Adventure '' that moves forward with your feet, it looks like this-YouTube

When you exit the adventure mode, Miburi and Heaven's voice will be nervous.

And they will praise you. Training alone can be a lonely battle, but it's a pleasure to be praised in this way.

Cool down with Miburi after training.

At the top of the screen, trivia is displayed on muscle training, so you can cool down and learn about yourself.

However, you will be encouraged not to look at the screen when you need to turn down, so that you are not absorbed in trivia and cool down.

In 'Easy' mode, you can train in mini-game style.

In the easy mode, training is classified into the categories of 'simple', 'mini-game', and 'set menu'. In 'simple', you can select the training according to the muscle you want to train.

Measure how many times you have trained within the time limit. The number of times is displayed in the red frame part, and the rank is displayed according to the result. In the following pectoralis major challenge, 10 or more times will be ranked D.

'Mini-game' is training while doing mini-game as the name suggests.

'Beginner' or 'Advanced' can be selected.

Earn points and train by collecting coins and avoiding obstacles.

The 'set menu' can be used to train the upper arm and improve stiff shoulders. Unlike 'simple', where you select the part you want to train, you can train by focusing on the parts you want to lose.

There is a 'custom' mode for those who say 'It is troublesome to choose a mini-game and train it', where you can train and train yourself.

You can create a training menu that suits you by combining 'Ude', 'Hara', 'Reed' training and 'Yoga'. The red frame shows where you can train, making it easier to build a training that suits your purpose.

For those who want to train more easily and want to train while watching TV, there is a mode while training.

Even if you do not activate Switch, you can train if you have Joy-Con and Ringcon.

If you push the R stick while the Joy-Con is connected to the ring con, you can set the mode while you are.

Push in the stick ...

When the LED lamp in the red frame lights green, the mode setting is complete.

When the ringcon is pressed inward, a bang sounds and the number is counted like the following movie.

Nintendo Switch `` Ring fit adventure '' `` while mode '' looks something like this-YouTube

The number of trainings can be checked when Ring Fit Adventure starts, and the number of trainings is displayed in the red frame part.

For those who are worried about regular training, press the Joy-Con 'Y' button on the home screen to set an alarm. The alarm sounds while the Nintendo Switch is sleeping.

You can set the day and time to sound the alarm.

Although it is difficult to become a habit, it is possible to train like a game, and gentle characters in the game will support you, so even if you can not easily train with one person, you may be able to continue with Ring Fit Adventure. There is also a silent mode so it is recommended for renters.

The official trailer is from the following movie.

Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure Introduction Video-YouTube

'Ring Fit Adventure' can be purchased at 7980 yen excluding tax, and was available for purchase at 7648 yen including tax at the time of article creation.

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