University of Hearthstone team, who expressed support for Hong Kong demonstration during live broadcast, will be suspended for 6 months

In October 2019, Hong Kong professional gamer

Blitzchung made a statement in support of the Hong Kong demo in an interview after the tournament of the popular game Hearthstone . Blizzard Entertainment , the creator of Hearthstone, viewed this situation as a problem, and disposed to Mr. Blitzchung, but a new American university team put up a board to support the Hong Kong demonstration during the Hearthstone game, It has been reported that he has been suspended for 6 months.

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Blitzchung is a professional gamer from Hong Kong who played at the

Grand Masters , a hearthstone pro tournament. Blizzard has judged that Blitzchung's actions `` violated the rules prohibiting `` angering some people and public groups '' '', stripping the Grand Masters eligibility and winnings, and 10/2019 Measures were taken to ban participation in the Hearthstone tournament for a year from May 5th to October 5th 2020.

This decision was criticized not only by Hong Kong people but also by many fans, politicians and blizzard employees. In addition to the employees making a strike, the fans are saying on the net that they will no longer play Blizzard games.

Voices of criticism from fans and employees against companies who disposed of to professional gamers who supported Hong Kong demonstrations-GIGAZINE

In response to these criticisms, Blizzard later decided to mitigate his disposal to Blitzchung. On October 12, 2019, Blizzard withdrew the withdrawal of prize money as “Blitzchung was playing the game itself” and the suspension period was reduced to 6 months.

While Blitzchung's action was a hot topic, people who expressed support for the Hong Kong demonstrations also appeared in a game broadcast by the university's Hearthstone team on October 8, 2019. American University 's Hearthstone team put up a board to support the Hong Kong demonstration during a match with Worcester University of Technology, which is broadcast live by Blizzard official.

The state of the game that was actually broadcast can be confirmed from the following movie. The American University team raises the board around 51:38 at the end of the match.

Worcester Poly vs American University / Hearthstone Collegiate 10/09/2019-YouTube

The American University Hearthstone team waving at the pre-match players.

The game starts with the Worcester University of Technology team at the top of the screen, and both play with a serious expression.

American University members are smiling at the end of the game.

The member at the left end of the screen hands something to the middle member.

And the board that says 'FREE HONG KONG BOYCOTT BLIZZ (free Hong Kong, boycott of blizzard)' was listed. Since it was being broadcast live, the board continued to be displayed on the screen for a few seconds.

In addition, the team members of Worcester University of Technology are unintentionally smiling at this development.

Shortly thereafter, the screen switched and only the Worcester Technical College team was displayed on the screen.

One week after the live broadcast, American University team member Casey Chambers reported on Twitter that the team had been suspended from Blizzard for six months. Chambers said, “I am delighted to announce that the American University Hearthstone team has been suspended for six months. I am late, but all players will be treated equally and everyone will rule. Thank you for not protecting me. '

In addition, as part of the boycott movement against Blizzard, there is also a movement that `` uses Overwatch characters as a symbol of Hong Kong demonstration '', which is rapidly expanding not only on the Internet but also among people who actually participate in the demonstration in Hong Kong doing.

Why are Overwatch characters so popular as a symbol of Hong Kong demos? -GIGAZINE

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