What is the unexpected contact method from the person who picked up the dropped wallet?

By SplitShire

There is a lot of talk about how people who pick up a wallet that doesn't contain an address or name can contact the owner too smartly.

Man loses wallet, gets it returned to him in the best way possible

British Tim Cameron, who dropped a wallet containing only a bank card with only an account number and branch number, discovered that there were multiple strange deposits in his bank account. When you connect the depositor name column of each deposit and read it, it becomes `` Hi.I FOUND YOUR WALLET IN THE ROAD 077-xxxx-xxxx (phone number) TEXT OR CALL! '', `` I found your wallet on the street 'Please email me this phone number!'

A man named Simon picked up his wallet. Simon made a series of deposits only 30 minutes after realizing that Cameron dropped his wallet. Mr. Cameron called the phone immediately after seeing the deposit and went to the address he gave me by bicycle. Mr. Cameron said that he presented red wine as a thank-you.

Cameron commented, “Simon took a lot of effort to deliver the wallet. Thanks to him, I was more relieved and happy.”

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