The support illustration of “Mage Book Exchange Diary Spin” has arrived!


Nobile drew a support illustration for the full-color comic “ Madosho Exchange Diary Spin ” that draws girls connected through an “exchange diary” where all experiences and emotions are described. The dark weirdness of “Spin”, which is the spin-off of “Mage Book Exchange Diary”, is strangely produced.

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We received a comment from Nobil .

Hello. My name is Nobil.
I've drawn support illustrations for “Princess and Gamer” before, and GIGAZINE ’s second appearance ^^
I am glad to draw a support illustration again!

The following is a simple making.

Nobile: In order to decide what direction the rough stage should take and how to show it, in my case it is the part that takes the most time and effort in each process. In the first submitted rough, the relationship between the two people I thought about the composition I wanted to express. ''

A rough A plan depicting the relationship between two “sisters”. Nobil “Rough 1 was drawn as if it were a scene of two people's daily lives”

Characteristic B plan that receives a magical impression like a tarot card. Nobil “Rough 2 depicted a relationship between two people intertwined in an abstract composition different from Rough 1.”

Rough C plan with impressive magical patterns. Nobil “This time, the proposal from the person in charge decided to adopt a different composition. Eventually, I wanted to express the“ negative side ”of magic, and centered on the magic book. `` It has become a rough image of being swallowed / swallowed by the magical power coming out of it. ''

Nobil: In the line drawing process, I fixed the rough and rough sketches and adjusted the balance before proceeding with the pen insertion. ”

Nobil: In coloring, we will add shadows along the line drawing, and if there are parts of interest as we proceed, we will rewind and adjust the line drawing. We will add gradations such as hair, clothes, etc. The process of coloring is fun as it gradually approaches the finished shape. '

Nobil: As a finishing touch, the line color is adjusted, gradation is added, and the texture is added to the background. The consciousness of this finishing method is that the painting theme is serious, so I usually draw By increasing the amount of information such as drawing rather than bright and bright works, the atmosphere of this work was communicated. '

The full-color comic “Mojikuri Exchange Diary” is being serialized in both the main story and spin-off. The story will continue to go to the climax, so please take a look at this opportunity.

Magical book exchange diary spin episode 1 `` What is evil? ''-GIGAZINE

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