Headline news on October 11, 2019

Dubbed voice actors for the movie ' Terminator: New Fate ' released on Friday, November 8, 2019 have been decided.

Super luxurious dubbed voice actors are determined! ! -Latest Information-Official Website of the movie “Terminator: New Fate” November 8, 2019 (Friday) National Road Show

The T-800 dub played by Arnold Schwarzenegger is Tetsuaki Genda who is in charge of dubbing Schwarzenegger for many works.

Sarah Conner, who plays Linda Hamilton, is Keiko Toda, who was in charge of the same role in the TV version of the first series “Terminator”.

The new Super Soldier Grace (act: Mackenzie Davis) is in charge of Maaya Sakamoto, who plays an active part in the role of “Ghost in the Shell ARISE”.

The series's worst terminator 'REV-9' (act: Gabriel Luna) is the 'Star Wars' series Po Dameron (act: Oscar Isaac) and the 'Transformers' series Sam (act: Shia LaBeouf) Mr. Fumi Komatsu has a reputation for dubbing Hollywood masterpieces.

Danny (Natalia Reyes), reminiscent of Sarah Conner, is “Senki Zessho Symphogear”, Yukion Chris, “Mobile Suit Gundam 00” Felt Grace, “Durarara !!” Erika Karasawa Ayayo Takagaki, who is active in roles, is in charge.

The role of Miguel will be Kento Ito, who plays the role of SEM Michio Michio at 'The Idolmaster SideM'.

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What happens to the world if all humans suddenly disappear from the earth? -GIGAZINE

`` AmigaOS 3.1.4 '' upgraded after 24 years officially released-gigazine

Microsoft opens 60,000 patents for free, for Linux protection-gigazine

Clearly that people have settled in one place since the Stone Age 60,000 years ago-GIGAZINE

I tried using a multifunctional ruler `` Nakato Zeal '' that can easily bind a 40-page copy book-GIGAZINE

The possibility that female ovaries can create new eggs-gigazine

Is it a fragment discovery including Nehemiah which was not found so far in `` Dead Sea Document ''-GIGAZINE

Talk event report in which people talked hotly about the secret story of the production of the original long-length animation `` COCOLORS '' by Kamikaze video famous for high quality short videos such as Jojo OP-GIGAZINE

I ate `` Hayaya rice '' in which the taste of the original Hayashi rice was reproduced-GIGAZINE

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Is Typhoon 19 Equivalent to “Category 6”, Between Calm and Passion-Adventure around Netroa

No migration of humans to extraterrestrial planets Nobel Prize in Physics Mayor Photo 6 photos International News: AFPBB News

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Full Text of Damage Teacher | NHK News

Tokyo and Kanagawa 33100 units have blackouts | NHK News

Turkey “If you criticize, send 3.6 million refugees” Warning to EU: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mayor of Mexico, truck repaired farmer attacked by truck attacked-BBC News

Electricity, donation self-confidence purchase party ticket for 1.12 million yen from Mr. Inada | Kyodo News

Prime Minister Abe buys US corn `` no promised fact '' House of Representatives Budget Committee-Mainichi Newspaper

Power outages in Tokyo and Kanagawa are almost eliminated Cause of power line trouble | NHK News

Australia's Uluru banned from climbing from the end of this month, criticism of rushing visitors 3 photos International News: AFPBB News

Okawa Small Tsunami Litigation Dismissal of Appeal in Ishinomaki and Miyagi Prefecture Supreme Court | NHK News

Inter-faculty violence 'Teasing is past' The previous principal also grasps: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The Utoro district in Kyoto to land auction Koreans engaged in airfield construction during the war Possibility of evicting offspring residents | Society | Local news | Kyoto Shimbun

Tokaido Shinkansen scheduled suspension from tomorrow morning | NHK News

Japan Meteorological Agency 'A special warning comparable to the Kanogawa Typhoon that sacrifices more than 1,200 people' | NHK News

Typhoon 19 First Joint Conference “To Save Life” Alert Call | NHK News

Kobe Shimbun NEXT | General | A child's chest grab answer paper is discarded.

Kanden, who showed dishonesty to lose his words, translated his wounds every time he met (Keiko Ishikawa)-Individual-Yahoo! News

WEB Feature Socialism Spreading to Young Americans Why Socialism? | NHK News

A new phenomenon is happening in American society under the Trump administration. An increasing number of young people are inclined to socialism. In polls targeting young people, 51% responded “favorable to socialism”, exceeding 45% of capitalism. What is happening now in America, which has been said to be a symbol of democracy and capitalism? We listened to the words of young people who found hope for 'socialism = socialism'.

Seven & i, not only 7pay but also Kobayashi Tsuyoshi, who exposed Kobayashi Weak, cut off

Asuka is virtually inaccessible to rail in central Tokyo | NHK News

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Typhoon No. 19 blackout risk Widespread attention including in central Tokyo-Weather News

An acquaintance working for a home center, “I'll buy high-quality sweets. If you buy high-class confectionery and include it in your disaster prevention food, your mentality will be different. -Togetter

`` There is no strange guy in the company '' that Sweden immigrant cited as one of the benefits is a great response-Togetter

(PDF file) The latest version of the correlation diagram that visualizes the relationship between penguins! Sumida Aquarium, Kyoto Aquarium `` Penguin Correlation Diagram 2020 '' Exhibition starts on Saturday, October 12, 2019

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About some reports about 'eating log' | Kakaku.com

For the first time, the smartphone “BASIO4” is now available for easy and convenient use | News Releases | Kyocera Corporation

A story that could not prove the problem of eating log 3.8 using data analysis-konkon3249's diary

`` It was an incident that could be prevented just by unplugging the outlet '' It is better to unplug the power supply of precision equipment before a power outage or lightning strike `` After the typhoon, you will get a phone replacement for modem replacement ''-Togetter

Disaster blackout smartphone measures such as typhoons and tips to make the battery last longer (Mikami)-Individual-Yahoo! News

& quot; Tap where there is nothing and cancel & quot; is ant for UI / UX-Qiita

I tried running a web service made with Firebase for 3 months, I was addicted / I wanted to know-Qiita

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Episode 1 | Gundam Build Divers Re: RISE [Ganchan]-YouTube

HUMAN LOST feat. J. Balvin / m-flo (Main Version)-YouTube

Nobunaga's ambition When he first did it, the warrior wwww who said, “It ’s not as good as it is famous…”: Nanjiee Stadium @ NJ Summary

The 3rd PV of the TV animation “Die if you come to Budokan” starts broadcasting on Thursday, January 9, 2020! -YouTube

`` Girls & Panzer Final Chapter 4D-Episode 1 + Episode 2-'' PV being shown (full version)-YouTube

'My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes: Rising' notice [released Friday, December 20]-YouTube

Mega Drive Mini `` Dakaikai Village '' no continuation clear video-YouTube

“Mario & Sonic AT Tokyo 2020 Olympics ™” opening movie-YouTube

Illustration of windows reinforced with tape |

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Movie `` 108-Kaiba Goro's Revenge and Adventure-'' Doctor Snake main video-YouTube

# I tried to dance Sparek! Movie `` Special Actors '' nationwide release on Friday, October 18-YouTube

# I tried to dance Sparek! Lecture video movie `` Special Actors '' Friday, October 18 nationwide road show-YouTube

`` Midnight cafeteria -Tokyo Stories Season2- '' trailer-Netflix-YouTube

[Official] 'Hick and Dragon Adventure to the Holy Land' 12.20 (Friday) release / main notice-YouTube

`` Earthquakebird '' trailer-Netflix-YouTube

Takahaya @ Hawks Summary Blog: Mysterious shelf of Seibu Dome, removed

Director Yano “I have only 4 consecutive wins”] What J] Summary Taro!

[Good news] Mr. Fukumoto was the first place in history for both the Akahoshi and Kataoka styles!

Tennis Osaka Naomi “Japan National Team Aims at the Tokyo Olympics” Selects Japanese Nationality | NHK News

My life is messed up-Ryoko Hirosue laughs and talks, 'I am not Maria?'-Yahoo! News

NHK News

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Released the first “sweet” rice ball “Devil's Rice Ball”, etc.

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