Enjoy tasteful spicy miso soup and crispy vegetables `` Taste of a famous restaurant you want to eat once noodle shop Hanada rich spicy miso ramen ''

From Acecock, the miso ramen specialty store

Hanada 's `` Spicy miso ramen '' is reproduced with cup ramen, `` Taste once you want to eat noodle restaurant Hanada rich spicy miso ramen '' appeared on Monday, October 14, 2019 The I was able to taste the popular menu of the main store in Ikebukuro in Tokyo at home, so I tried to see what the taste of a popular store that makes long-row queues is.

A taste of a famous restaurant that you want to eat once. Hanada Rich Spicy Miso Ramen | Products | Acecock Co., Ltd.

The package of “A taste of a famous restaurant that you want to eat once, Hanada Rich Spicy Miso Ramen” is like this.

On the side of the cup, there was an explanation of the thick spicy miso ramen and a picture of Shuji Hanada, the owner of Hanada Noodle Shop. The noodle restaurant Hanada's spicy miso ramen is a cup that combines the flavor of soup with a delicious flavor of stir-fried vegetables and pork bones and chicken garage in rich miso.

The raw material name is like this. Noodles are fried noodles, soup is miso and powdered miso, pork extract, animal fats and oils, salt, spices, okara powder, pork seasoning, vegetable fats and oils, chicken seasoning, sugar, flavor seasoning, yeast extract, etc. It is. Kayaku is made with cabbage, onions, menma, green onions and chili. The content is 95g, of which 70g is noodles.

Calories are 380kcal per serving. The breakdown is 291 kcal for noodles and soup, and 89 kcal for soup.

When you open the lid, there is one bag of liquid soup.

When you take out the bag of liquid soup, you can see ingredients such as dried menma, cabbage and onions.

Pour hot water and place the liquid soup on the lid and wait 5 minutes.

When you open the lid after 5 minutes, it looks like this. Plenty of menma and cabbage, it looks like tanmen.

Put the liquid soup in the cup ...

Stir well with chopsticks. There was a good smell of miso around here.

A bit thickened soup has chopped peppers. When you drink it, the richness and taste of miso spreads in your mouth. In addition, the taste of pork base is also felt firmly, so the impression is deep. The hot pepper is a bit tangy, but the soup itself is a thick miso tailoring and slightly sweet, so there is no problem even for those who are not good at spicy food.

The noodles are thick noodles with a square blade and have a crunchy texture, making them a good match with thick miso soup. The crunchy texture of menma and cabbage was also a good accent, and it was a very satisfying meal.

“Noodle restaurant Hanada Rich Spicy Miso Ramen” is available at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide from October 14, 2019 (Monday). The suggested retail price is 220 yen excluding tax.

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