“Suntory natural water honey ume salty” with honey and elegant sweetness added & “Yogurina & Suntory natural water” review plus 500 million lactic acid bacteria review

Suntory Natural Water Honey Honey Salty ” has appeared in the classic mineral water “Suntory Natural Water” series since October 8, 2019 (Tuesday).

Suntory Natural Water Ume Salty, which is perfect for hydration with the sweet and sourness of fruity plum and salt, is a new flavor with honey added, so it is said that it is perfect for hydration in the fall and winter that tend to dry, so 500 million lactic acid bacteria I tried drinking it with ' Yogurina & Suntory Natural Water ' that was renewed.

'Suntory Natural Water' brand of 'Neat and Clean', proposal of hydration for autumn and winter 'Yogurina & Suntory Natural Water' renewal 'Suntory Natural Water Honey Ume Salty' New Release | News Release | Suntory Food International

Suntory natural water honey ume salty product information (calories and raw materials) Suntory

Yogurina & Suntory natural water product information (calories and raw materials) Suntory

This is Suntory Natural Water Honey Ume Salty.

The label is decorated with illustrations of honey along with plums, and appeals that honey is added.

Ripe plums are used for the plum extract. The fruit juice contains 1%.

Raw materials are `` natural mineral water '' `` sugar (sugar, high fructose liquid sugar) '' `` fruit juice (organic lemon, plum) '' `` salt '' `` honey '' `` plum extract / acidulant '' `` flavoring '' `` seasoning (amino acid) '' is. The calorie is 26kcal per 100ml, so the calorie per 540ml is about 140kcal.

When I opened the cap and poured it into a glass, the refreshing plum scent just came to me.

When you take a sip, the sweet and sour taste spreads in your mouth with a soft plum scent. The taste of honey is hardly felt at first, and a slight honey taste remains on the tongue in the aftertaste. Thanks to that, it is a drink that can taste the taste of refined honey without sacrificing the taste of `` Natural water Ume Salty '' which can replenish water and salt without worrying about sticky sweetness It was finished.

Next, drink “Yogurina & Suntory Natural Water” with 500 million Protected Lactic Acid Bacteria 4337L per bottle and renewed.

'Protect lactic acid bacteria 4337L' is a lactic acid bacterium protected by a thick cell wall barrier. The “Yogurina & Suntory Natural Water” before the renewal also contained lactic acid bacteria, but only the “Yogurina & Suntory Natural Water” after the renewal contains protected lactic acid bacteria 4337L.

Ingredients are `` natural mineral water '' `` sugar (high fructose liquid sugar, sugar) '' `` whey fermented liquid '' `` salt '' `` honey '' `` lactic acid bacteria '' `` mint extract / acidulant '' `` fragrance '' `` antioxidant (vitamin C )'is.

Calories are contained in 24kcal per 100ml, and calories per 540ml is about 129kcal.

While it is colorless and transparent, the scent of yogurt can be felt firmly, while the sweetness is clean and smooth and comfortable to drink. In addition, since the refreshing acidity of the yogurt is finished to a tired no taste to drink gulp, 'of the season not so much the moisture supply as compared with the summer

hidden dehydration felt that it is perfect for' measures.

2019/10/8 17:55 Addendum
'Yogurina & Suntory Natural Water' can be frozen, so ...

I actually frozen it. In addition, when freezing, it is necessary to stand a bottle.

It's like this when frozen for about 5 hours. Although it was only compatible with freezing, it seemed that the bottle was stretched, but it did not rupture or come off the cap.

As it seems, it was frozen in the freezer right after it was taken out of the freezer, so it did not come out of the bottle.

Because it is different

from a drink that is supposed to be frozen, the taste of the cold food is lighter because it is hard to feel sweetness. However, with a crisp texture, it is possible to fully enjoy the flavor of yogurt as if it were a normal drink, so I felt that it was an ant for those who like sweet sweets.

Suntory Natural Water Honey Ume Salty and Yogurina & Suntory Natural Water are available at retail stores nationwide from Tuesday, October 8, 2019, and can also be purchased at Amazon.co.jp. At the time of writing the article, 24 bottles of “Suntory Natural Water Honey Honey Salty” are 2782 yen including tax, and 24 bottles of “Yogurina & Suntory Natural Water” are 2376 yen including tax.

Amazon | Suntory natural water honey ume salty 540ml × 24 bottles | Natural water | Mineral water mail order

Amazon | Suntory Yogurina & Natural Water Protected Lactic Acid Bacteria (Frozen) 540ml x 24 | Natural Water | Mineral Water Mail Order

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