Jean-Claude Van Damme plays the bouncer who handles dirty work 'The Bouncer' to be released in Japan & trailer released

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Jean-Claude Van Damme , known for works such as ' Universal Soldier ', ' Hard Target ', and ' Expendables 2 ', is a man who acts as a bouncer who does not care about dirty work behind his face as a father The movie ' The Bouncer ' (original title: LUKAS) that plays Lucas has been released in Japan, and a trailer has been released.

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Lucas (act: Jean-Claude Van Damme), a man who knows no one.

The only thing he knows about in the underground world is his name and bouncer.

Lucas, who was assaulted by a government official's son during his work, was weakened by the police.

I'm asked to infiltrate a store.

In addition to Lucas, several people were gathered, and the notification was that “Hire the winning man”.

Suddenly the rapture broke out.

Lucas will fight this out and get you hired safely.

Sara worries about Lucas's injury and asks 'Who did it?'

“It ’s a person at work,” says Lucas.

However, after Sarah, the only hope, was taken away, Lucas stepped into the dark world.

The movie “The Bouncer” will be released as one of the special screening “

World Extreme Cinema 2019 ”.

There will be 4 films screened in 2019 including “The Bouncer”.

At Human Trust Cinema Shibuya,
October 25 (Friday)-October 31 (Thursday): 'The Bouncer'
November 1 (Fri)-November 7 (Thu): 'X Conspiracy City'
November 8 (Friday)-November 14 (Thursday): 'Red Hawks'
November 15 (Friday)-November 21 (Thursday): 'Murder Me Monster'
Scheduled to be released in this order. The price is 1300 yen including tax, and there is a repeater discount. There will also be a public release at Cine Libre Umeda in Osaka.

“The Bouncer” work information
Cast: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sveva Alviti, Sami Buajira, Sam Luwick
Director: Julian Lucreque
Screenplay: Jeremy Gaze
Photo: Roblecht Heifart
2018 / France / Belgium / British Virgin Islands / English, etc./Cinemascope/87 minutes / Original title: LUKAS / Subtitle translation: Naoko Nojo
Distribution: Clockworks

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