Why can't I accept new music when I get older?


Maaria Lohiya

Why does older people always listen to similar music, but isn't interested in new music, and why older musicians say they can't make songs as before? University psychology professor Frank T. Macandrew presents his thoughts on the academic news site The Conversation.

Curious Kids: Why do old people hate new music?

Mr. Macandrew's father was not very interested in the music that Mr. Macandrew liked when he was a teenager. And his attitude did not change even when his father was in his 80s, and he said that he did not like the current music when he saw commercials using Beatles songs that couldn't be called “new music”. Macandrew knew that this trend was common in older people, not just his father, and explored the cause.

One is thought to be because the ability to distinguish subtle differences in chords, rhythms and melodies decreases with age. Music preferences begin to harden in the early teens and solidify around the age of 20, so hit songs heard during this period are likely to remain popular throughout the generation. On the other hand, almost no new music is heard by the age of 33. For this reason, it is possible that all the music that you have heard a little later and that you don't know so much sounds the same.

Another thing that Macandrew thinks is this is the “ simple contact effect ”. The simple contact effect is something that you are not good at or are not interested in. When you are young, you have a lot of time to listen to music and watch music videos, so you can feel closer to your favorite artists. However, as I get older, my work becomes busy and my family gets more time, so the time to touch new music decreases, and the “simple contact effect” doesn't listen to me as much as I like. So, you will continue to listen to your favorite songs that you had when you had free time.

Also, according to Macandrew, there is a psychological research result that the feelings experienced in the teens feel stronger than those experienced after the teens. As a result, the music you listen to as a teenager may be more memorable and loved.

In addition, from his own experience that `` I loved new music because my child was playing '', Mr. Macandrew concluded that it is not impossible for parents' generation to like new music The

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