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Sylvanian Family 3DCG animation `` Sylvanian Family Mini Story Clover '' new series `` Sylvanian Family Mini Story Clover '' is TOKYO MX from 19:26 on Thursday, October 3, 2019, Sunday, October 6 at 11:54 Broadcast on Sun TV from minutes.

The Sylvanian family's TV anime is the third film following 2017 and 2018. Set in a natural rich Sylvanian village and a city of longing dreams, stories will be played by vigorous friends such as Choco Rabbit and Kurumi Lis.

[Official] Sylvanian Families Mini Story Clover Digest-YouTube


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A movie that fully reproduces the atmosphere of Showa special effects while full CG of `` Ultraman '' is amazing-GIGAZINE

Burger King got a ridiculous dexterity when AI made a CM-GIGAZINE

What is the common temperament “Skizo Type” for those who believe in “conspiracy theory”? -GIGAZINE

`` Tokushima Station Anime Jack '' where the station was decorated with the theater version `` Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel] '' decoration-GIGAZINE

Although the body is eaten and broken, the deformed fish that survives with the wound closed is caught-GIGAZINE

A friendly world where people and cats coexisted in Taiwan's `` Cat Village ''-GIGAZINE

Research report that good medicine to relieve symptoms of lack of attention / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is `` exercise ''-gigazine

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◆ Science (Science / Academic / Technology)

WEB Feature Nobel Prize winners will no longer come from Japan! ? | NHK News

◆ Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
To resume the 'Expression-free exhibition' The discussion will be held on October 6-8 [Cancellation of expression-free exhibition]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Kanden officers give and receive money, Keidanren chairman 'I can not speak badly with friends': Asahi Shimbun Digital

'It was so expensive to receive it, it was expensive' Kanden President Interview: Asahi Shimbun Digital

NHK News

Kansai Electric Power, which was supposed to return, will blow up to 320 million yen, and the market capitalization will blow away 74.7 billion yen: Market situation Kabu full power 2 stories

Release of tsunami countermeasures “I will get fired if I get too involved”

N Party Leader mentions 'genocide' to increase population on YouTube video | Kyodo News

Mr. Abe after Mr. Abe, Mr. Nikai, the 4th term, the possibility of the fourth term | NHK News

《Abuse Voice Disclosure》 For 1-year-old children, “I don't think I should cry, this bastard!” Tokyo ’s childcare facility abuse “Seriously Bed”

Mayor of Seoul in relations between Japan and South Korea `` Citizens are rational '' Advocating recovery of local government and private exchange-Mainichi Newspaper

NHK News

Sexual violence in children's facilities, most of same-sex children surveyed and analyzed by 'reasons other than sexual impulses, suggestions' experts: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Nobel Prize economist says straight away, 'If a high-income person pays taxes' | PHP Online Public Knowledge | PHP Labs

5 people die or 1 person ... 'Troco problem' in class Iwakuni elementary and junior high school apologizes to parents-Mainichi Newspaper

Former assistant is recognized as “back mayor” construction company “It is difficult to accept orders without intermediaries” | NHK News

Narita City Council My bottle ban and companion. | 'Ekoneko diary' of Narita city assembly member Aizu element

Narita City Council cannot bring drinks to the venue.
I think this too, but leave this time untouched.
Drinks are available in the committee room and I have always brought my bottles.
This has been banned.
You can only drink tea from the bottles prepared on the desk in the committee room or bring your own bottles.
Plastic bottles are OK and my bottles are NG. ... what do you mean?

Regular customer's sorry, already limit ... Consumption tax increase complex, long-established store closed: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Constitution, Mr. Edano 'Is it better to abolish the Agency for Cultural Affairs': Asahi Shimbun Digital

What has a sense of crisis is the withdrawal of the Agency for Cultural Affairs subsidy for the Aichi Triennale. No matter what you think, “I do n’t like the contents, so I do n’t make money.” If such a thing is admitted, the atrophy effect works.

Examination of `` penalty '' for private English exam, undecided university: Nikkei newspaper

Linear, only 9 km wall Governor Shizuoka does not accept construction: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

'War offenders' ordinance, Seoul city not promulgated ... South Korean government stops: International: News: Yomiuri Shimbun Online

NHK News raises usage fees without reason at childcare facilities that are not approved

Missing girl photo at campsite Public photo Yamanashi Prefectural Police | NHK News

◆ Lifestyle (Life / Life / Health)
Come to Osaka from tomorrow! Hankyu is renamed “Osaka Umeda” station: Asahi Shimbun Digital

A story that my husband thought about when saying `` Child, wife and company do not ask for you who are old.

330 coins in the stomach of the crocodile Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Garden: Society: Chunichi Shimbun (CHUNICHI Web)

“There aren't enough female hands in the festival? A man like teapots and dishes should be done.” A story that impressed the mother's nephew who burst into a town chairman-Togetter

When I asked the editor for work, it says `` It's not Yabusaka '', so I misunderstood the word `` I got angry for some reason ''-Togetter

Free childcare starts from tomorrow! In the same park, moms who are eligible for free and other moms coexist, creating a female disparity (Sayaka Ozakabe)-Individual-Yahoo! News

If you try to pull out the water of the irrigation canal ... Black bus anglers flooded protests Ibaraki, Itako-Mainichi Newspaper

Traditional Han costume “Han clothes” 5 photos in the boom among Chinese youth International news: AFPBB News

◆ IT / Gadget (Net / Soft / Hard / Mobile)
If you try to change the company's PC memory from 4GB to 8GB, people who resist violently ... I can not believe the reason to resist 'I do not know'-Togetter

[Illustration] Google Link Evaluation 20 Principles [2019 Edition] (Part 1-# 10) | Moz-SEO and Inbound Marketing Practice Information | Web Forum Forum

Talking about youth homeless who put a paper like `` I was doing YouTuber but I was not able to pay the rent '' Talk that feels `` I am not suitable for YouTuber ''-Togetter

The crash of Cookpad and 'Young Google away'-until sometime the battery runs out

Talks to improve the atmosphere of technical books | yagitch | note

A vertical writing application that can write coterie novels on smartphones is quite dangerous.

#Production management of technical books Thinking about optimizing the number of prints

Realtime Voice Conversion Library “Realtime Yukarin” Released | Hiho's Blog

[Hiroshige Goto's Weekly Overseas News] Xilinx's new category “Versal” with AI accelerator core built into FPGA-PC Watch

'Arukas' Service End Notice | Sakura Internet

The pager service ends today and disappears in over 50 years | NHK News

[Ken Fujimoto's Digital Audio Laboratory] audio revolution !? Experience the unique technology 'Dnote-LR +' with a small speaker and a wide sound field -AV Watch

◆ Anime, Games, Manga (Subcal)
'PSYCHO-PASS Psychopath 3' PV 2nd bullet-YouTube

`` Princess Principal Crown Handler '' Chapter 1 Special News-YouTube

Theatrical version `` Devil's Blade '' Infinite Train Special News-YouTube

TV animation `` Fate / Grand Order-Absolute Demon Battle Babylonia-'' 3rd CM-YouTube

TV animation `` GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation Season 2 '' No. 30 seconds ver. Start broadcasting on October 4, 2019-YouTube

'Is it wrong to ask for a dungeon encounter? III' production decision! & New OVA production decision CM-YouTube

TV anime `` Fairy gone Fairy Gone '' 2nd cool non credit opening video-YouTube

TV animation `` Fairy gone Fairy Gone '' 2nd cool non-credit ending video-YouTube

`` Kamen Rider Ryowa The First Generation '' Special News-YouTube

News | Kyoto Anni & Do Fan Appreciation Event

From November 3rd to 4th, a place will be set up in Kyoto city centering on the separation and connection between the creators and creators who have created bonds through their works.

1988 PC Engine CDROM | Colorful Pieces of Game

Of course, this couldn't be released 30 years ago, but now 31 years later, and maybe this is the first game disc to run on the first CDROM game machine, and that alone is worth it.
It is a historical material, and thus will be published as a memo.

Is Megadoramini's “Puyo Puyo-dori” clear? In fact, an element of the excavated minor change version was added-Togetter

'Interesting game that suddenly stops playing but cannot reach the ending'-until someday the battery runs out

Complete Apple Arcade Guide: Introducing 27 puzzle adventures and selected recommended works

[Interview] [Shinta Fujii 7th Dan] Factors that determine Shogi's progress are talent and effort ... and the environment-gigazine

'CONTROL' WHAT IS CONTROL? Japanese subtitles-YouTube

`` CODE VEIN '' Launch Trailer-YouTube

“Legend of the Galactic Heroes Die Neue These” I played with a good stick in the Asteate. -YouTube

The content that children will do, it seems that those characters are coming to the next side of Anpanman 'I definitely see in various videos ...'-Togetter

Moving away from the TV of “Away from TV” The disappearance of the program from the golden belt: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Sports / Entertainment / Music / Movies (Entertainment)
At the Olympics, both athletes and spectators are “heat stroke risk” What do you do? | NHK News

Georgia celebrates the blessing of “Russian music” = Rugby World Cup: current affairs dot com

Kansai University Ice Skating Club Resignation | Oda Nobunari Official Blog “Grand Palace on the Ice” Powered by Ameba

Regarding the resignation of director of the ice skating club at Kansai University, there was a report different from some facts, so let me explain from my mouth.
He didn't resign from the director because he was busy, and he wasn't saying a word at the meeting with Kansai University that he was busy and couldn't afford enough time as a director.
The real reason for quitting was harassment and harassment against me in the link, and because of that, I began to lose health from around this spring, and I was unable to go to the link for three months before I resigned. This is because Kansai University's response to this matter did not seem sincere.

“I don't trust the leader who says it's all my responsibility,” TAKURO tells the leader's philosophy. | New R25-Enjoy both Shigot and life.

Rugby World Cup Japan vs Ireland Japan wins (game progress) | NHK News

'How to win' the Japanese national team shocking the world Former Japanese national team, Kei Fujii commentary on the game against Ireland-Sports Navi

John Wick's Special Kill skill is unveiled! -YouTube

[X-MEN: Dark: Phoenix] Making video 'The road to production'-YouTube

'Royal Corgi Rex's Great Adventure' main video: Little Rex-YouTube

Movie “Teen Spirit” (1/10 public release) Preview Audition movie definitive edition! -YouTube

'Hellboy' main video: Summon! Baby edition from hell-YouTube

`` Riley North Revenge Goddess '' main video special video ④ Kirekire action edition (released Friday, September 27, 2019)-YouTube

What J PRIDE: Retired Kishida 'Orix will be stronger from now on. Trying to pass through a long tunnel'

[Good news] Idaten, 5.7%, worst 10 monopoly. Kiyomori complete victory: Nanjiei Stadium @ NJ Summary

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'Aubergine Supervised Beef Curry Noodle' (Released on October 21) | Nissin Foods Group

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