Amazon Alexa built-in smart ring 'Echo Loop' and smart glasses 'Echo Frames' Amazon new product summary

Amazon's new product launch event was held on September 25, 2019 in Seattle, where Amazon's headquarters are located. Among them, 11 types were announced, including the new Amazon Echo series and smart items with built-in voice assistant Amazon Alexa.

Amazon Devices Event – September 2019

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Echo Loop puts Amazon's Alexa on your finger --CNET

◆ 01: Amazon Echo Loop
Amazon Alexa's built-in wearable device 'Amazon Echo Loop' is a ring-shaped device that you can wear on your finger. The Amazon Echo Loop is equipped with a small speaker and microphone, and is a device like 'Amazon Echo that fits at your fingertips'. The sound from the speaker is small, and you can hear it by gently touching your ear. Also, by connecting to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, you will be notified by vibration.

An experience movie by the technical media The Verge has been released to see what kind of device Amazon Echo Loop is.

Echo Loop hands-on: Amazon's smart ring --YouTube

Amazon Echo Loop is a limited production, so only invitees can make reservations. The price is 99.99 dollars (about 10,800 yen), and it is said that it will be shipped in the latter half of 2019, but at the time of writing the article, in Japan did not accept reservations.

◆ 02: Amazon Echo Frames
Amazon Echo Frames are eyeglass frames with built-in Amazon Alexa. It doesn't have a display or camera that projects information, but it has a directional speaker built into the frame of the glasses, so you can talk to the glasses and operate it like you would talk to an Amazon Echo.

The Verge has released a movie of the actual touch of Amazon Echo Frames at the experience meeting. According to The Verge, the plastic vine of Amazon Echo Frames has a built-in touch sensor that can be swiped to enjoy music even in noisy places.

Amazon Echo Frames hands-on --YouTube

Amazon Echo Frames are limited production and can only be booked by invitees. The price is 179.99 dollars (about 19,400 yen), and it is said that it will be shipped in the latter half of 2019, but at the time of writing the article, in Japan did not accept reservations.

◆ 03: Amazon Echo Buds
It has been rumored that Amazon plans to announce earphones with fitness function, but the actually announced Amazon Echo Buds does not have heart rate tracking or fitness function, so it can be used when running It is a Bluetooth wireless earphone equipped with Amazon Alexa.

Rumor that Amazon will announce earphones with fitness function-GIGAZINE

Amazon Echo Buds, which uses the active noise reduction technology of long-established speaker maker Bose , has a battery life of 5 hours for continuous use, and can be used for up to 20 hours using a charging case. In addition, the waterproof performance of IPX4 is claimed.

The Amazon Echo Buds itself has a built-in touch sensor, and if you tap and hold it, you can access the voice assistant of the linked smartphone such as Siri or Google Assistant. You can also access Amazon Alexa by talking to 'Alexa'.

The price of Amazon Echo Buds is 129.99 dollars (about 14,000 yen), and it is said that we have already started accepting pre-orders, but at the time of writing the article, in Japan is not available.

◆ 04: Amazon Smart Oven
Amazon Smart Oven is a microwave oven equipped with Amazon Alexa. It has long been reported that home appliances equipped with Amazon Alexa and capable of voice operation are being developed.

Amazon plans to sell various Alexa-equipped home appliances such as 'Alexa-equipped microwave oven' --GIGAZINE

by Stock Catalog

Equipped with other functions such as a convection oven, air fryer, and food warmer, Amazon Smart Oven enables voice operation via smart speakers such as Amazon Echo, and scans food codes with the built-in camera of Amazon Echo Show. If you do, you can also send the cooking procedure directly to Amazon Smart Oven.

The price of Amazon Smart Oven is 249.99 dollars (about 27,000 yen), and it is said that it will be sold in advance from September 26, 2019, but it is not available in Japan at the time of writing the article.

◆ 05: Amazon Echo Flex
Amazon Echo Flex is a small Amazon Echo that plugs directly into an outlet, and it is said that compatible smart home appliances can be operated by voice. Also, if you have a remote control that supports Amazon Alexa, you can also operate the TV and cooler remotely. It has a USB Type-A port on the bottom of the main unit, which can be used to charge the device, and can also be connected to optional module accessories such as a motion sensor and night light.

◆ 06: Amazon Echo Studio
Amazon Echo Studio, a high-end model of the Amazon Echo series, is now available. Amazon Echo Studio with enhanced audio performance has a total of 5 built-in speakers, and Dolby Atmos allows you to enjoy deep and clear sound. If you have two Amazon Echo Studios, you can experience surround sound. In addition, Amazon Echo Studio has a built-in smart home hub that can operate ZigBee standard smart home appliances.

Amazon Echo Studio will be available in Japan on Thursday, December 5, 2019. You can order at the following for 24,980 yen including tax.

Amazon | Echo Studio-Studio Quality Hi-Fi Smart Speakers

◆ 07: 3rd Generation Amazon Echo
The third generation of Amazon Echo has been announced. The price is 11,980 yen including tax, and it will be released on October 16, 2019 (Wednesday).

Amazon also announced that it has newly adopted the voice of actor Samuel L. Jackson as the voice of Amazon Echo.

◆ 08: New Amazon Echo Dot
The small model Amazon Echo Dot is a new model with a built-in LED display that displays the time and outside temperature on the front. Scheduled to be released on October 16, 2019 (Wednesday), reservations are accepted at for 6980 yen including tax.

◆ 09: Amazon Echo Show 8
Introducing the Amazon Echo Show 8 with an 8-inch display. The price is 129 dollars (about 13,900 yen), but is not available at the time of writing the article.

◆ 10: Amazon Echo Glow
With the concept of 'lighting' in the Amazon Echo series, the Amazaon Echo Glow is an unprecedented spherical model, a new smart speaker that can be set to various colors and brightness by voice operation. The price is 29.99 dollars (about 3200 yen), but is not available at the time of writing the article.

◆ 11: Amazon Eero
Amazon acquired mesh Wi-Fi router maker eero in February 2019. Amazon Eero, a Wi-Fi router, has been announced as a brand of Amazon products. You can order at for $ 99 (about 10,700 yen) for one machine and $ 249 (about 26,800 yen) for three machines at the same time, but is not available at the time of writing the article. Hmm.

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