What are the “non-discussion issues” common to happy couples?



No matter how happy your marriage is, you can argue one or two. However, the quarrels of happy couples are mostly about solvable problems such as “Which house will do” and “How to spend the day off”. “Solutions” such as problems related to religion and related relatives Research has shown that there is a tendency not to discuss “impossible problems”.

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Researchers Find an Interesting Link in The Things Happy Couples Argue About

An investigation into the quarrels of 121 couples self-reported by an expert group conducting research on families belonging to multiple research institutions such as the University of Tennessee and Northwestern University in the United States. The we. The 121 couples surveyed were two groups: 57 couples in their 30s who were married for an average of 9 years, and 64 couples in their early 70s who were married for an average of 42 years.

When asked the subject's couple about the importance of the topic they argued, they answered that topics about “love”, “leisure”, “housework”, “communication”, and “money” were important, regardless of age. 'The topic about' family 'is not important. In addition to the above topics, “health” is an important topic for older groups. The research team also measured the time spent discussing each topic.



From the results obtained from the survey, when the research team discusses “problems with a clear answer” such as “where to go on holidays”, a sense of accomplishment is obtained when conclusions are made, and the marital relationship becomes solid On the other hand, when discussing “difficult issues that are difficult to solve” such as the view of religion, it is said that marital relationships may be damaged forever. The survey also shows that the longer the marriage, the fewer the quarrels and the less of the serious quarrels.

This study is only about the couple who self-declared that they are `` happy living life '', there is no data of the couple who declared `` sending unhappy marriage life '' as a control group, the sample is It should be noted that it is limited.

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The research team concludes that “avoiding or eliminating the need to discuss issues that do not have a clear solution may be an important condition for a good marriage.” The

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