What is the strategy that Chinese authorities are deploying on Twitter to conclude the Hong Kong demonstration?

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Behind the demonstration activities that are still going on in Hong Kong, Twitter officially announced in August 2019 that 'Chinese authorities were making a big leap on Twitter to cast distrust in the Hong Kong demonstration.' The New York Times explains the Twitter strategy of the Chinese authorities.

How China Unleashed Twitter Trolls to Discredit Hong Kong's Protesters-The New York Times

The New York Times focused on a Twitter account called “@HKpoliticalnew”. Since this account was opened in June 2018, it has reported various news in English, such as sports news such as tennis and soccer, and the results of the “ World's Best Dog Contest ”.

The following image is the image of @ HKpoliticalnew's tweets from the New York Times around June 2018, with yellow circles representing English tweets and red circles representing Chinese tweets. An example of @ HKpoliticalnew's tweet is shown in the right frame, and ' Andy Murray is defeated by Wimbledon and turns to support the British player as a countryman.' At that time, there were overwhelmingly more English tweets than Chinese tweets.

However, suddenly @HKpoliticalnew transformed into an account that reports Hong Kong and mainland news in Chinese. In the image diagram, you can see at a glance that the red circles occupy the majority and that the number of Chinese tweets has increased dramatically.

In 2019, he posted a tweet: “Hong Kong's independence has fallen into a dead end. But there are always people who are throwing themselves into the flames in a fight. A circle with different sizes appears in the image diagram, but the size of the circle indicates the number of retweets.

Around the summer of 2019, tweets from @HKpoliticalnew suddenly increased in number of retweets. One of the tweets is “The US is investing in Hong Kong independence and brainwashing children who are uniquitous. #Spy is everywhere # Revolution of color # Hong Kong”.

Twitter has officially announced that it is “Chinese government work” for 200,000 accounts engaged in propaganda activities like @HKpoliticalnew. Deleted 1000 accounts including @HKpoliticalnew and suspended the remaining accounts.

Twitter and Facebook announce that the Chinese government is manipulating information on SNS about Hong Kong demo-gigazine

The New York Times explains that the Chinese authorities used the method of “buying a Twitter account” for the Hong Kong demonstration. Many of the accounts believed to be involved in Chinese government work were tweeting in languages other than English and Chinese around 2016. However, the number of English tweets has increased dramatically from 2017 to 2018. He said he had tweeted about spreading propaganda in Chinese since mid-2017. It seems that these Twitter accounts tended to promote dating services and retweet tweets and pop punk music about Korean boy bands before spreading propaganda.

An example of this is a Chinese tweet posted by the account @derrickmcnabbx that says, “I really miss Hong Kong as a Hong Kong lover who loves Hong Kong before developing and receiving the rule of law ”. This tweet appears to have been posted in Georgia, USA on June 15, 2019, but tweets before 2019 were only links to pornographic sites. This suggests that the Chinese authorities have purchased an account from a specialist vendor and used it for the propaganda strategy. Also, the New York Times says that there are accounts that were hijacked by account hacks instead of purchased accounts.

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The vast majority of propaganda tweets were posted during the weekday day, including accounts that regularly tweet at 12 and 42 minutes per hour. The New York Times wrote, “Evidence that operatives working on time are posting tweets.”

A report from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute , one of Australia's think tanks, about the series of propaganda work, described it as 'not sophisticated' and Chinese authorities were not well prepared for the Hong Kong demonstration. It points out the possibility.

According to the New York Times, Twitter work in China is still in progress. Nick Monaco of Think Tank Institute for the Future , California, USA, reported that he identified 30 accounts that posted tweets close to the deleted Twitter account.

Welcome to the Party: A Data Analysis of Chinese Information Operations

When the New York Times presented the report of Monaco to Twitter, Twitter said that the account was deleted. However, Twitter remains silent about the relationship between the 200,000 accounts that the Chinese authorities have reportedly involved and the accounts reported by Monaco.

Spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the single item you delete an account that Twitter and Facebook is the involvement of the Chinese government is suspected, as 'nothing did not know' comment has been.

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