Added the function to display `` important timing in movies '' in Google search

Google has announced that when searching for a movie using Google search, the 'important timing' within the movie can be displayed in the search results.

Search helps you find key moments in videos

Google search can now point you to the exact part of a video you need-The Verge

The “important timing” that is displayed in the search results is the start time of each step in the case of a tutorial movie, and the timing at which the scene changes in the case of a document movie. As you can see from the image below, the “Thumbnail of each timing” will be displayed under the thumbnail of the movie itself. When you tap the thumbnail at each timing, you can see the movie from the specified scene.

In addition to jumping to a specific timing, using 'important timing' makes it easy to grasp the contents of the movie. In addition, in order to specify “important timing” for the movie, it is said that the movie creator needs to specify time.

This 'important timing' function will be available for English movies. Google has announced that major media such as

CBS Sports and NDTV will soon take advantage of the “important timing” feature. In addition, after logging in with a Google account, you can enter the “user name”, “name”, “company name”, and “sample URL” in the application form below and submit the application to quickly use the “important timing” function It is possible.

Key Moments in Google Search-Interest Form

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