Overseas response to the evolution of camo onion that will be introduced in Pokemon Sword Shield

The first part of the Pokémon series, Pokémon Pokemon's “ camo onion ”, which has appeared from Red and Green , has finally evolved. The evolution of camo onions is “ Negiganite ”, and its unique appearance has become a hot topic overseas.

Farfetch'd Is Finally Getting An Evolution And People Love It

Negiganite, an evolved form of camo onions, is an evolution of camo onions in the Galar region that is newly introduced with Pokemon Sword Shield. As the name says 'Night', it looks like a knight, and fights using leeks that have been used habitually since the camo era as a spear or shield.

The official website says, “It's a motto to fight straightforwardly. The battle is so noble that it is chosen as a motif for paintings, and paintings depicting duels with Schwalgo are widely known in the Galar region.” It has been. In addition, the text of the Pokemon pictorial book says that “the one that survived the battle will evolve into this figure. When the leeks die, they leave the battlefield.” It is also clear that the leeks held in the hand will die.

Many series of Pokemon have appeared so far, and the total number of Pokemon pictorial books has reached 809 by Let's Go! Pikachu / Let's Go! Eevee, the previous work of Sword Shield. . While many other Pokémon gained new evolutionary forms and pre-evolutionary forms, camo onions did not evolve at all, so 'it has been thought that they would acquire unique works' Says Kotaku of overseas game media.

Negiganite with such a feeling that has finally become apparent has become a hot topic overseas.

“Wow! Good! Great decisions continue to be made by Nintendo,” a tweet praising Negiganite, the evolution of camo.

A lot of hand-drawn fan art also appeared.

Slightly macho and majestic negiganite.

“Choose Pokémon at any time!”

A picture-like Negiganite I've seen somewhere

V-shaped eyebrows are cute

I have a sharp eye.

A tweet that praises the Pokemon official that it has released a Pokemon that looks like a user.

“I really like the Negiganite design!”

“I must admit that Negiganite looks like a handsome bird.”

Over 1200 tweets have been retweeted to introduce Negiganite with a long spear-shaped leek as 'Negiganite's Arora figure' and Nassy [Arora no Asuta], which became a hot topic with a long neck .

A tweet that compares the length of a leek on a camo onion (Farfetch'd) and an onion ganite (Sirfetch'd).

“I think this version of Negiganite is the strongest,” says a person who posts an illustration of a Negiganite in the wind with a Sora keyblade, Donald hat, and Goofy shield that appear in the Kingdom Hearts series.

In Onion Night of Final Fantasy III? Also the tweet.

A tweet that says “This Negiga Night!” With Jojo ’s bizarre adventure “This Dio!”.

A tweet that was surprised that the camo onion, which seemed to be a refreshing good-looking youth, has changed to a grown-up and relaxed green onion night.

'Reaction to my negiganite'

“Congratulations on joining Pokemon, Negiganite! See you at the White House when I become president”

In addition, 'I have created a perfect Pokemon,' the hero who merged the vertical Pokemon and ...


I'm jumping up to the declaration of abandoning life for Negiganite.


“Today's stock price of camo on the sky.”


Of course, Negiganite has become a hot topic in Japan.

Users who have created “Negimawasa Night” with a unique name ...

A person who makes a dot picture version of Negiganite.

Amazing fucking 4 frames! ! There is also an opinion that looks exactly the same.

It seems that there are many people who are worried about their unremarkable eyes.

Some users were expecting a pretty close look from some information that was released before Negiganite was announced.

Some people introduce the history of camo on evolution, which has never been realized before.

Some people look back at the nostalgic scene of camo onions.

Please note that Negiga Knight is a Pokemon that appears only in 'Pocket Monster Sword'.

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