It turns out that the human corpse continues to move for more than a year after death


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When a person dies, the ability to move muscles of the body is lost, and unless someone forcibly moves it, it is likely that it will never move again. However, a researcher who filmed a time-lapse movie of a corpse at an Australian 'corpse farm' discovered that 'human corpses continue to move for more than a year after death.'

Dead bodies move while decomposing, a significant find for death investigations-ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Dead Bodies Keep Moving For More Than a Year After Death, Forensic Scientist Finds

In Australia and the United States, research facilities called “corpse farms” have been created, and human corpses provided by donors have been used to observe how corpses change in various environments. The collected data improves the accuracy of the autopsy and forensic investigations and is said to be useful for police investigations.

Allison Wilson , a medical researcher at the University of Central Queensland, filmed corpses at 30-minute intervals for 17 months on an Australian corpse farm and created a time-lapse movie. As a result, Wilson discovered that the human corpse continued to move throughout the 17-month filming period.

Wilson had predicted that the corpse would move to some extent when it was just dead, but he was surprised that the corpse continued to move for 17 months. “We have found that the corpse's arms are moving significantly. At first, the arms that were on the sides of the body spread to both sides of the body,” Wilson says.


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The corpse farm that was studied this time seems to be in the suburbs of Sydney , and past studies have shown that in the Sydney climate, corpses tend to be mummified rather than rot. Up until now, mummified corpses were often considered dead in cool autumn or winter, but even dead bodies left in the hot summer were mummified just like dead bodies in autumn and winter I was told.

Mr. Wilson thinks that the reason why the corpse's arm keeps moving for a long time is that the ligament is contracted due to the ligament's drying in the mummy corpse. Various facts about corpses revealed by research on human farms are very useful information for scientific investigation of crime.

Criminologist Zanza Mallet , a senior lecturer at the University of Newcastle , also acknowledges that the results of this study are very exciting. Until now, it was assumed that the corpse was not moved from its dead position unless it was moved by other animals or humans. Mr. Wilson said that the new discovery of Mr. Wilson, “In fact, the corpse has been moving for more than a year after death,” provides new insights into criminal investigations and is a very important discovery.

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