The “indie game corner” of Tokyo Game Show 2019 where you can meet and play games you haven't seen yet is like this

At Tokyo Game Show 2019 , various games such as the latest series of popular series by Japanese game makers and topical works by overseas developers are on display. However, not only major manufacturers but also indie game makers and developers have reduced the number of titles and entered the Tokyo Game Show 2019, and you can enjoy a lot of games with people and lids that you can not taste with such major titles. There is also an area called “ Indie Game Corner ”. I've been looking at the excitement of being able to meet new games that I haven't seen yet and to be able to play.

Indie Game Corner | TOKYO GAME SHOW 2019-Tokyo Game Show 2019

The indie game corner is in Hall 10 of Makuhari Messe. There are 179 booths that introduce indie games, and most of them can have a trial experience, so it may be perfect for people who want to play games instead of just watching events!

The IllustChainer app is on display at the Guns Turn booth where you can enjoy drawing with other players on the Internet.

With IllustChainer, you can play free against online users, set a password to play against specific friends, or play on this device alone. The game screen looks like this, and the illustrations drawn by the players are displayed on the right side of the screen. Players draw in order ...

When drawing is completed on your turn, enter what you drew in letters. However, this entry will not be visible to other players. At the very end, the answer is what each player drew.

The following fixed phrases are arranged at the bottom of the screen ...

By tapping this, you can send a reaction such as “I understand!” Or “Cute!” To other people's drawings and communicate with them.

Four people draw in order, three times, a total of 12 times. After that, the answers are done and the correct answer rate of the drawing for each team of 4 people is shown.

Although it was a real challenge, it was a correct answer to all questions. No special operation is required, and as long as you can draw, you can play the game happily, so the hurdles to play are very low, and it was a good application that you can play online or with friends.

IllustChainer is being distributed by

iOS and Android apps.

Nurture in words! Kodama Diary
The “Ske6” booth welcomes many cute monsters with pixel art.

What is exhibited here is ' Grow up with words! Kotodama Diary '. In the Kotodama Diary, a monster called “Kotodamamachi” evolves into 5 levels by eating words.

It is a game with a unique word sense, and attention is paid to utter tweets. The app on display was able to experience a complete five-stage evolution faster than the regular version. Tap and swipe the heart on the screen to collect it.

When a certain amount is collected, “Kotodama” appears.

Select your favorite words.

When I picked the first radish, I explained that if you die without knowing, it is a dish of a level that you will regret deeply.

And Nori-chan evolved so much. That's quite unique.

There is no doubt that you will be healed right away (?) By murmuring unique lines based on the words you chose.

If you have evolved in 5 stages, you will graduate.

The language at the time of graduation is one of the points of interest in the Kotodama Diary, so it's also a good idea to raise various things and collect lines.

If Kotodamachi graduates, you can leave it in the room as follows. The smartphones of the people who guided the booth were a hangout for a large number of graduates like this.

Depending on the player, the picture is quite unique.

In addition, you can draw a fortune when you try a trial at the booth ...

You can get fresh can batches, cards, and even Kodama diary stickers.

In addition, we foster in words! Kotodama Diary is being distributed as a free app for

iOS and Android .

There was also a test play platform where up to four players could play the slapstick action game ' PLAY DOG PLAY TAG ' by dogs and their owners.

The story of the game is very simple: “The dogs they loved have been stolen by the thief! Follow the thief with the owner and follow them up with charge and shots to recapture them. You can attack other dogs and snatch the collected horns, aiming for the city's best honey rich man, while trying to destroy them! '

The operation method is like this. Each owner has different abilities, and the key to victory is to make good use of them.

That's why I started playing.

The winner of the player who collected the most honey is the number of horns collected, which is displayed in the corner of the screen. Users who have the most honey will see the crown, so there is a risk that it will be easier for other players to target.

The Hone Thief wore a T-shirt with a blue and white border that appeared on the screen. If you attack this, you will lose the honey.

The attack method is clear and the owner ...

Throw your body out for the dog and launch a devastating attack.

The owner's figure dragged by his dog is like a rag, and is quite surreal.

The state of actual play can be checked in the following movie. The game itself is quite simple, but the settings and character movements are very surreal and it is a game that you can play with your head empty in a good sense.

Action game `` PLAY DOG PLAY TAG '' that can be played by up to four people who owners attack with abandon instead of their dog-YouTube

In addition, 'PLAY DOG PLAY TAG' is on sale for 520 yen on the early access version on Steam.

◆ Infection-Infection-
In the ' CanvasSoft ' booth, the ' Infection-Infections- ' award winning work of Google Play Indie Games Festival 2019 was exhibited.

Although it is a zombie game, the purpose is to destroy the human race by operating the zombie side instead of the human race side. You control one zombie with a red icon, and the other zombies follow the zombie you control.

As the zombies approach, the crowd runs away.

Clear all stages by infecting them. The beginning is fairly simple, but the difficulty increases as the number of escape routes gradually increases and robots that interfere with zombie infections appear, so you can feel the response as a puzzle game.

'Infection-Infection-' is being distributed as an

iOS and Android app.

At the booth of Passion Republic Games , a Malaysian game company, the original action game under development 'GIGABASH' was on display and attracted a lot of attention.

The game is a game where four giant monsters and giant robots fight a flashy battle.

The operation method is like this.

Four players fight in one screen, and the viewpoint is from a bird's-eye view.

Official video tailored to Tokyo Game Show 2019 has also been released, and you can see a glimpse of a part of the flashy action game.

GigaBash-Official Game Teaser-TGS 2019-YouTube

GIGABASH will be released for PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

◆ MeltLand-Meltland-
At the 'Masataka Hakozaki' booth, ' MeltLand-Meltland- ' is the award-winning work of Google Play Indie Games Festival 2019 as well as 'Infection-Infection-'.

It is a simple game that transports a transparent “雫” placed on a smooth and shiny structure to the goal (yellowish green).

If you tap the screen, a part of the screen will rise, so you can use this to guide the kite to the goal.

There are many slopes on the stage, and the kite flows into this and easily falls off the stage. So, it is a game that requires delicate operation that you have to make good use of small helicopters placed on the stage and carry the kite to the goal.

There are various stages of the stage, but the kite easily flows out of the stage according to the laws of physics, so guidance is more difficult than expected, and even if you know it with your head, you can not catch up with the operation Often also. It was a game where the frustration of not being able to move as expected was a habit, even though humans can directly guide the spear using fingers that should be most dexterous.

'MeltLand-Meltland-' is currently being distributed to iOS and Android .

In addition, a smartphone version of “Rose and Samurai” where you can enjoy a bitter battle between women is also on display at the Indie Game Corner.

I tried playing the smartphone version of `` Rose and Aoi '' that enjoys the bride and groom problem in a noble and advanced binta battle-GIGAZINE

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