I have eaten `` Baconator USA Double '' full of bacon on double meat chunks at Wendy's First Kitchen

`` Baconator USA Double '', an upgrade of `` Baconator '' that reproduces the popular menu at Wendy's in the United States as it is, doubled patty and bacon, will be Wendy's on Thursday, September 12, 2019 Appeared in the first kitchen. I have eaten together with the new autumn potatoes, what kind of burger the 'confidence product upgraded in everything' became.

-The second popular USA series-The authentic Baconator has landed in Japan! ! -Wendy's x First Kitchen


Autumn campaign ♪ Newly released 2 flavor flavor potatoes! -Wendy's x First Kitchen

Arrived at Wendy's First Kitchen. The “Baconator” menu is waiting for you.

This time, “Baconator USA Double” (850 yen including tax) was purchased, but “Baconator USA Single” (570 yen including tax) was also purchased to compare how amazing the double is.

The left is “Baconator USA Double” and the right is “Baconator USA Single”. Volume difference that doubts whether the only difference is the number of patty and bacon.

“Baconator USA Single” has bacon set on top of the cheese when the upper buns are turned. Under this cheese are patty, another piece of cheese, and buns.

On the other hand, “Baconator USA Double” has bacon under the buns, and the first patty is settled.

Under the patty, there are bacon and patty sandwiched in cheese as well as singles.

In addition to two patties, the presence of bacon smoked with Applewood is sandwiched with don, and the mouth is covered with “meat” anyway. If you have the power to express even physical strength (from nikudon), you will definitely be ranked high among various burgers. It's not unusual to have a cheese burger that has so much of its presence.

The single “flesh” feeling does not reach the double, but Wendy's hamburger is originally not thick enough because patty is thick and powerful. If you enjoy the harmony of patty and cheese, a single with a better balance of taste is better.

The new flavor of the potatoes is “Zushi Pepper Flavored Potato” & “Yamamatsu Matsumi Flavored Potato”. M size is 290 yen including tax, L size is 340 yen including tax.

The cucumber pepper taste has a citrus sour taste, and when combined with the spicy taste, 'I see, the cucumber pepper' is somewhere.

On the other hand, the taste of matsutake mushrooms is rich in taste, but there is no particular pungent stimulation like potatoes, and the taste of matsutake mushrooms is not pinned. Difficult to hit. I didn't feel the fragrance because the potato fragrance was strong.

In addition, Wendy's First Kitchen also offers two new products, “Chicken Pepper Cream” and “Dashi-scented Japanese Pasta” of “Samon Tokinokono Japanese Style Pasta” as autumn pasta.

Two new tastes of autumn pasta devoted to “Japanese” taste! -Wendy's x First Kitchen

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