Sengoku death filled with the original fun of action games has died in the world's first trial of the game `` Nio 2 ''

Nio 2 ” is an action element that has further evolved as an official sequel to the game action “

Nio ” after the death of Sengoku, which exceeded 2.5 million units sold worldwide. Although it is scheduled to be released at the beginning of 2020, the world's first playground is exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show 2019 , so I immediately challenged the game to death with a high degree of difficulty and went to death. It was.

Nio 2 official website

Koei Tecmo Games: Tokyo Game Show 2019

You can see what kind of action you can enjoy in Nio 2 by watching the movie below.

Battle with a middle boss-class youkai at `` Nio 2 '' looks like this-YouTube

The Nio 2 trial booth is located in the Koei Tecmo Games booth in Hall 3.

The landmark is the giant statue of Niou 2's main visual.

Looking from the left, it ’s a youkai ...

Looking from the right, you are a human.

The trial zone is like this. A large number of samplers lined up from the start.

So, let's play right away.

Even if you're playing the Nio series for the first time, there is a paper with instructions on how to use it. The basic operation is the same as Nio, Nio's “Ninety-nine weapons” have been changed to “Yokai”, and new “Yokai techniques” and “Special skills” have been added.

In the previous work, the hero was fixed in William, but in Nio 2 you can change the gender and appearance of the hero.

You can change the character's action to “femininity”.

A stage called “Minokuni Jusozakura Village” can be played on the trial tour.

The base of the game has not changed since Nio, and battle is the basis of the game. Like the previous work, we will change the weapons and stances (upper, middle, lower), and manage the “power” required for actions such as attack and avoidance well while managing them well. If you get out of your way, you'll be killed by regular enemies.

Since it is a trial game, detailed hints on the operation method are displayed on the game screen, so even those who play for a long time are safe.

Since Nio 2 has several new actions such as ghost techniques, you may think that “the difficulty level as a game is low?”, But the monsters that appear as enemies are also very powerful. Because we are up, we can foresee the future where the strong enemy will die.

The monsters who have unprecedented action should be able to struggle even the users who played the previous work. Remote attacks with flames and ...

I came across a youkai that made a powerful attack and said, “I have never seen this!”.

Of course, if you die, you will be familiar with the “Death of Life” and restart from the savepoint company.

In addition, since the experience value “Amrita” collected by defeating enemies remains as “Tatsuzuka” at the point of death, it can be recovered if it does not continuously die. Therefore, even if a strong enemy is an opponent, the game element is inherited firmly that you can search for a strategy while dying many times.

You can look at the capture method while actually losing your life, and finally you can see how you defeated the middle boss-class youkai in the following movie.

Battle with a middle boss-class youkai at `` Nio 2 '' looks like this-YouTube

If you defeat some youkai, you will drop the “soul price”. When equipped, you can activate 'Yokai technique'.

Yokai techniques change into a monster for a moment when the technique is executed as shown below. In addition, when youkai monsters are activated, the power gauge at the bottom left of the screen will decrease.

A scene that brings out the new element `` Yokai technique '' of `` Nio 2 ''-YouTube

If you defeat the enemy, the equipment will be dropped, so it is OK if you prepare for a stronger enemy while updating this.

Among the equipment, I found the two-sword-style ax 'Handaxe' that first appeared in Nio2.

A weapon such as an ax version of two swords that competes in hand.

You can check the actual action with the hatchet in the following movie.

The action of `` Nio 2 '' 's new weapon `` hatchet' 'looks something like this-YouTube

As you proceed through the stage like this, you arrive at a fine door.

As you pass through the door, you will see “Magami Oni”, the boss monster of the stage. From the appearance scene, the following movie shows how to fight the horse head demon by activating the new “Yokai”.

Appearance scene of the boss monster “Mato Demon” of “Nio 2” & specter activation scene-YouTube

The health gauge is at the top left of the screen. In the case of a boss youkai, even if you hit one shot, your physical strength will be taken away, so ...

While accurately avoiding attacks ...

I will attack frequently.

It is possible to repeat attacks and evasion until the “power” gauge in the middle of the three gauges in the upper left of the screen turns red (zero). This morale will soon become zero, so morale management will be more severe in battles with bosses than normal battles with monsters.

And it ’s safe (?). Even Nio 2 has a high level of difficulty as an action game, and as it continues to die, it will learn enemy actions, character attack / evasion actions, and energy management. Because we search for a style that is easy to fight while changing the stance such as weapons, upper, middle, lower, etc., the game has a strong sense of enjoying the original operation of the game, and the fun of the game itself has been inherited firmly It was.

The trial experience is 15 minutes, and when it is time, the following screen will appear. If you are a fierce person who knows your skills, please try to challenge Niou 2.

In the vicinity of the booth, you can meet a companion dressed in the costumes of Nio 2, so please look for it.

Nio 2 has also released a new trailer to coincide with the Tokyo Game Show 2019, so you can get a glimpse of the world view of the sequel and the new youkai that stands in front of the players.

'Nio 2' TGS2019 trailer-YouTube

Nioh 2 is scheduled for release in early 2020.

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