What happened to Eroge after all in Steam, which should have been 'OK if not illegal'?

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Steam from the handling of adult games in, and Steam's game is in the status quo that has been deleted in the still ambiguous standards, technology-based news media Ars Technica has been discussed is.

Is Valve still censoring adult games on Steam? [Updated] | Ars Technica

Valve, which runs Steam, announced in an official blog in June 2018 that it will be able to deliver any game unless it is illegal or obvious. As a result, it was expected that adult games that had previously been limited to Steam will be lifted.

You can read more about the details of Valve's announcement and its background by reading the following article.

Steam will limit the content restrictions on the platform side to zero, and games of all genres can be distributed `` as long as it is not illegal ''-GIGAZINE

Meanwhile, in August 2019, the Japanese adult game “ Tamashin Asagi ” series was announced to appear on Steam, and the store page was actually opened. However, it was deleted on September 4, 2019 without waiting for the release, and the reason is not clear.

One Angry Gamer , a media specializing in games that covered this news, said that `` the reason for deletion is not listed anywhere '', but Sankaku Complex, which deals with Japanese anime and manga, said `` a lot of rape 'The scene is included,' and indicates how the content may be radical.

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However, if the content is only radical, it cannot be said to be “illegal or obvious resentment” prohibited by Steam. Ars Technica writer Kyle Orlando said, 'If a character that looks like a child or child appears, it will violate the American child pornography law. However, Asami Shinobi Asagi is for adult characters, It seems that there is no problem. ' He said that it was unreasonable to delete the work, which was neither illegal nor aimed at becoming a controversial fire.

This is not the first adult game that was deleted after June 2018, or whose content had to be modified. The developer of the adult game HuniePop , which started development with funding by Kickstarter, tweeted on Twitter that `` Valve was initially contracted as no problem, but then it became clear that it was not '', initially unmodified Announced that the new game that was scheduled to be released will be switched to a modified version.

In addition, the visual novelHello, good-bye ” was deleted even though it was of all ages , and NekoNyanSoft, who had been under contract for localization, protested against Valve. Since then, the work has been resold, but some of the content has been significantly cut.

Although the original was an adult game, the reason why `` Hello, good-bye '' for all ages without a sex scene was deleted is unknown, but according to an anonymous source sent to Ars Technica, `` Characters It is highly possible that it was caused by wearing school uniforms. ' An informant has expressed dissatisfaction, saying, “It is not illegal, but it is a problem that a girl is deleted just by wearing a uniform.”

Mr. Orlando also admits that 'Valve is not obligated to allow adult content,' but 'at least clearly should explain why the game was removed from the service and clarify the boundaries of the unauthorized content ”And criticized Valve ’s stance of removing the game due to unclear criteria.

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