Microsoft announces new ToDo application `` To Do '', urging to switch from Wunderlist

Wunderlist, which gained popularity as a ToDo app, was acquired by Microsoft in 2015. In 2017, Microsoft had withdrawn from Wunderlist and announced an alternative to-do list service, “ To-Do ”, but the service name was newly changed to “ To-Do ” and started again.

The new Microsoft To Do is here

Microsoft unveils redesigned To Do app that will replace Wunderlist-The Verge

We made some major adjustments to “To-Do” that Microsoft offered as an alternative to Wunderlist, added customization options, and restarted it under the name “To Do”. To Do is very similar to the original Wunderlist, and the background can be customized for each ToDo list. The app's dark mode is also available for Android, Windows and Mac apps. The To Do app for iOS will also implement dark mode with an update for iOS 13 released in the second half of September 2019.

Microsoft introduces the transition of app design from Wunderlist to To Do as a movie and encourages Wunderlist users to switch to To Do.

The journey from Wunderlist to Microsoft To Do-YouTube

The original Wunderlist ToDo list was displayed like this.

The list will be displayed as follows in the new To Do. I think the background is simple ...

The background can be changed for each ToDo list.

Since it supports responsive design, it can be used with the same UI even if the screen size changes.

By changing the background for each to-do list such as private or business, you can manage what you need to do more clearly.

When you display the menu and the ToDo list together, it looks like this. In the case of the mobile application version, it seems that the menu can be displayed by tapping the hamburger icon.

Also supports dark mode.

Microsoft recommends switching from Wunderlist to To Do and offers a dedicated page.

Switch from Wunderlist to To Do in 3 steps: Wunderlist

In addition, To Do was released several days after Wunderlist founder Christian Reber proposed to buy back Wunderlist to Microsoft.

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