'[CELL] IVIZATION' where you can play civilization in Excel

' [CELL] IVIZATION ', which has made it possible to play the

civilization-based turn-based simulation game civilization on Excel, has been released. '[CELL] IVIZATION' is s0lly to develop games and software in a period that's has been limited game jam event OLC CODEJAM 2019 in a game that was created in, it seems to first own the Excel game for him.

s0lly's [CELL] IVIZATION by s0lly

s0lly has also released a trailer movie of [CELL] IVIZATION, an Excel version of civilization.

s0lly's [CELL] IVIZATION: Trailer-Game in Excel-YouTube

[CELL] IVIZATION is the first civilization released in 1991, ported to Excel. The basic map is like this.

Military units such as warriors, archers, and swordsmen are also available. “The game is made very light by using only basic military units to attack the enemy,” he said. In addition, it seems that it is possible to add other than military unit elements in download content format. You can add 'AI', 'civilization', 'other resource management tools', etc.

However, in the trailer, a screen that checks the CPU usage rate in the task manager is displayed, and you can see that the usage rate is almost 100%. In addition, since the CPU used is

Core i5-3570K of the Ivy Bridge generation, it seems that it will work smoothly with a PC equipped with the latest CPU.

The game screen looks like this. An area that displays information about the map and each cell or unit is placed on the Excel cell.

According to s0lly, [CELL] IVIZATION can be played by two people, and each military unit has its own ability. The movement speed of each unit depends on the terrain, and it will be possible to add military units by building a new city.

[CELL] IVIZATION can be downloaded as xlsb format data from the following page.


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