Nintendo suddenly announces 'mysterious ring' for Nintendo Switch

The day after

Nintendo aired Nintendo Direct 2019.9.5, we announced a ring-shaped terminal with a mystery of product names and details in a movie. Only the following movies are revealed at the time of article creation, and you can see only using it with Joy-Con of Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch new product first public video-YouTube

The movie titled “Nintendo Switch New Product First Video” starts with an animation that sounds like a click with the familiar Nintendo Switch logo.

A mysterious ring held by four men and women. The size of a car handle.

A woman who stretches out a ring. It seems that elastic materials are used.

It looks like a man and woman with Joy-Con are observing the ring. Can Joy-Con be installed somewhere on the ring?

If you look closely, you can see that the ring has something like a grip so that it can be easily held by hand.

A woman with a ring in her hand ...

Attach Joy-Con (L) to a mysterious band and wrap it around the left foot.

Then install Joy-Con (R) on the ring. After all it seems to be equipment for attaching Joy-Con.

The stage is Paris, France.

For some reason, crawling on all fours and looking seriously somewhere ...

Extend the ring as if pulling a bow ...

It looks like you ’re exercising with a ring.

The stage then went to Madrid, Spain.

A woman crushing a ring with her feet. The three people behind them watch over the situation with a serious expression.

A woman who was released from the tension and three people behind her cheering. Is there a party game usage?

Raise the ring while lifting it up ...

While taking out yoga-like poses, it is pointed out from the outfield that “It's a little more!”, The actual content is unknown, but somehow you can see how to use the ring.

Rome, Italy

Two men who laugh.

It looks like everyone is playing with the ring together.

Crush the ring at super high speed ...

Raise the ring up and twist your waist ...

When you lie down and raise and lower your legs alternately, laughter arises around you.

San Francisco, USA

Here two men challenged something seriously with ring.

Japanese Kyoto also appeared.

A woman goes around yoga-like poses.

Dallas, USA

A small child raises a bamboo shoot ...

Adult women are excited.

Although the details of this mysterious ring will be revealed on September 12th, only the video that shot the state of playing with the ring without any details was released.

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