How to use the application `` Bridgefy '' that can send and receive messages only with Bluetooth without using the net for free

Bridgefy ” is an application that can be used as a means of communication in places where there is no Internet connection, because there is less concern about interception of communication because messages are exchanged using only Bluetooth communication without the need for an Internet connection. I actually tried using Bridgefy, which is said

to have been used by Hong Kong demonstrators to keep in touch even in demonstration activities that originated in opposition to the revision of the escape regulations in Hong Kong .

Bridgefy on the App Store

Bridgefy-offline messaging-apps on google play

As for Bridgefy, iOS version and Android version are distributed free. This time install iOS version from App Store.

Tap 'Open' when installation is complete.

When the app starts up, the description of Bridgefy is displayed. Bridgefy is an app that allows you to exchange messages privately with friends within a distance of 330 feet (about 100 meters) by turning on Bluetooth. Also, by using the Broadcast function, you can exchange messages with nearby Bridgefy users. Swipe left on the screen to read the following instructions.

If you are exchanging messages with someone who is more than 300 feet away, use other users as relay points. In other words, Bridgefy uses a user terminal to form a

mesh network , enabling communication that cannot be performed between terminals. In addition, since messages sent by Bridgefy are encrypted, there is no need to worry about the contents being intercepted by the user serving as a relay point.

You can also exchange messages no matter how far away you have an Internet connection. So, after reading the explanation, tap “Get Started”.

To use Bridgefy, enter your mobile phone number and tap “Verify”.

Then, a confirmation code is sent, so enter this code.

Enter your nickname and tap “Send”.

Tap 'OK' because you are asked to access the contact.

“Bridgefy is requesting data communication to nearby Bluetooth devices even when they are not using the app.” By tapping “OK” here, your terminal will be the relay point of the mesh network. It seems to function as well.

After completing the tutorial and initial settings, the “Contacts” screen appears. If you don't allow access to your contacts, nobody will appear on this Contacts screen ...

If you allow access to your contacts, the names of people who know your contacts and who use Bridgefy will be displayed on the Contacts screen. In Bridgefy, the nickname is entered when the app starts, but what is displayed on the Contacts screen is the name registered in the contact, not the set nickname. “IN RANGE” in the red frame indicates that the other party is within the Bluetooth communication range.

Tap a user name ...

The chat screen opens.

The message exchange is as follows. A check mark appears at the bottom right of the message you sent. If the check mark is 1, it means that the message has been sent, and if it is 2, the other party has read the sent message. Shows.

Since I was sending and receiving messages while connected to the Internet, turn on airplane mode in the control center, turn off Wi-Fi connection & mobile communication, and turn on only Bluetooth.

Even in this state, it was possible to send and receive messages without any stress as when connected to the Internet.

Tap the red frame clip icon ...

The following icons appear. From the left, you can send photos in the terminal, start the camera, and send location information

I actually tried to send a photo, but in the case of Bluetooth-only communication, the “Sending…” state continued, and it was difficult to send the photo.

To send location information for the first time, you need to grant permission as follows. It seems that the map is displayed if there is an Internet connection, but the map was not displayed because communication other than Bluetooth was turned off. Tap “Allow”.

Tap “Share your location” at the bottom of the screen to share location information.

It looks like this when you send it. The map shows a map of somewhere overseas, but when I opened it after reviving my Internet connection, I was able to share my exact location information.

Tap the icon at the top right of the chat screen ...

Tap 'Block' to block the other party's message.

For a blocked partner, the following icons are displayed on the list screen.

Next, “Chats” screen. Here you can see who you ’ve exchanged messages with in the past.

Tap “Broadcast”.

When you open the Broadcast screen for the first time, the following notification is displayed. Tap Ok. Broadcast is a function that allows you to chat with nearby Bridgefy users, and all the users can view the exchanges here, and messages are not encrypted. However, messages exchanged on Broadcast can only be received when the Broadcast screen is open. It seems that a maximum of 6 to 7 people can exchange messages simultaneously on the Bridgefy Broadcast screen.

The number of users who can exchange messages with Broadcast is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap this ...

Users participating in Broadcast are displayed. Users with “unknown” in the red frame are those who are not registered in their contact information. But tap your username ...

Tap “Start Conversation” ...

Chat with strangers.

If you tap 'Settings' at the bottom right of the screen, you can change the notification method when receiving a message or change the profile.

Bridgefy said in the blog : “Broadcast function allows messages to be exchanged with contacts who are not registered as contacts, so it is ideal for sharing information during natural disasters, music concerts, watching sports matches, etc. '

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