'Meiji Essell Super Cup Choco Mint' Tasting Review that chocolate is 1.5 times & mint feeling is strengthened and hardcore chocolate party wants to eat

From the classic “ Meiji Essell Super Cup ” series of large volumes of ice, “ Meiji Essell Super Cup Choco Mint ”, which has a chocolate chip with a crispy texture in rich mint ice, has appeared. The Super Cup that appeared in limited quantity on September 2, 2019 (Monday), the 25th anniversary of the launch in 1994, is 1.5 times more chocolate chip than the conventional `` Essel Super Cup Chocolate Mint '', further satisfying Since it is said that it is up, I tried to see how much the chocolate is strengthened compared to the actual eating.

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“Meiji Essel Super Cup Chocolate Mint” is in a cup designed based on mint color.

In addition to dairy products, sugar, vegetable oils, quasi-chocolate, syrups, and other ingredients,

spirulina pigments are used for coloring.

The calorie per piece is 362kcal.

In the lid, the phrase “25th Anniversary Limited Edition Chocolate Chip 1.5 times!” Appeals the increase in chocolate.

If you turn the pig inside the vinyl, you can see the chocolate chip from the surface of the bright blue ice.

I was wondering, “Is it really 1.5 times?” I put the conventional

Super Cup chocolate mint on the left and compared the limited time chocolate mint released this time on the right. The difference is subtle if you look only at the surface ...

If you scoop with a spoon, you can clearly see the difference in the amount of chocolate chips.

First of all, when eating from the conventional Super Cup Chocolate Mint, you could enjoy the crispy texture of a little bitter chocolate with a light cream and mint scent. It doesn't have a “taste of toothpaste” that is often said, but it has a chocolate mint taste full of stability, a super cup that has been loved for many years.

Next, when you take a limited amount of Super Cup Chocolate Mint, you can clearly see that the mint feel has improved. Despite the second mouth after using the conventional product, you can clearly feel that the refreshingness of the stronger mint goes out of the mouth to the nose.

When the mint melted on the tongue, a large amount of chocolate chips appeared in the mouth, and it was possible to chew the crispy texture and rich, bittersweet chocolate taste. The limited amount of Super Cup Chocolate Mint can fully enjoy the refreshing mint fragrance and crisp chocolate, so `` I have eaten Super Cup Chocolate Mint before, but it is too light and unsatisfactory It is finished in an ice cream that can be recommended for hardcore chocolate mint lovers.

“Meiji Essel Super Cup Chocolate Mint” can be purchased at retail stores nationwide from Monday, September 2, 2019, and the price is 140 yen per tax.

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